'Rogue' Chinese Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes "Smoking Gun" Evidence COVID-19 Created In Lab

Posted by freedomforall 2 months, 2 weeks ago to Science
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"The receptor-binding motif of SARS-CoV-2 Spike cannot be born from nature and should have been created through genetic engineering.

The Spike proteins decorate the exterior of the coronavirus particles. They play an important role in infection as they mediate the interaction with host cell receptors and thereby help determine the host range and tissue tropism of the virus. The Spike protein is split into two halves (Figure 3). The front or N-terminal half is named S1, which is fully responsible for binding the host receptor. In both SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 infections, the host cell receptor is hACE2. Within S1, a segment of around 70 amino acids makes direct contacts with hACE2 and is correspondingly named the receptor-binding motif (RBM) (Figure 3C). In SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, the RBM fully determines the interaction with hACE2. The C-terminal half of the Spike protein is named S2. The main function of S2 includes maintaining trimer formation and, upon successive protease cleavages at the S1/S2 junction and a downstream S2’ position, mediating membrane fusion to enable cellular entry of the virus."

The scientific paper is included in the article.
SOURCE URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/rogue-chinese-virologist-joins-twitter-publishes-evidence-covid-19-created-lab

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    Are you telling us the Covid-19 was (is) a bio weapon? 'Cause I think it is. Good Post!
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months, 1 week ago
      Me dino thinks part of the motivation was a hope of getting that pesky for expensive Trump out of office.
      Bet lotsa CCP eyes lit up with glee when it became known that their dear friend good ole' corrupt as sin Biden was nominated to run against Trump.
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      • Posted by 2 months, 1 week ago
        If we "follow the money" will we find a lot of donations to Biden from China in addition to that from Soros?
        Campaign financing must be made to exclude any payments from foreign sources and to have extreme penalties for violations.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 2 months, 1 week ago
    Of course it was a bio-weapon. Problem is, the deep state US helped fund it! Fauci's NIAID, CDC (who tried to patent it!), WHO, and even NIH, all put money in the pot, when they were told they could not work on it in the US. Fauci knew exactly what we had, and criticized Trump for closing borders. Five months before the release, Bill Gates sat with cohorts watching a simulated spread across each country by the virus, and were gleeful as it filled all, then said now the vaccine!. Vaccine which makes him richer than computers did, and solves his fear of overpopulations. He onces said in a meeting filmed that the solution was vaccines, but failed to say if he meant killing people or sterilizing them!
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 2 months, 1 week ago
    Do not expect China to have inhibitions about any behaviors, unless there ir clear evidence they misbehaved AND people they can't manipulate have teh evidence.

    One should not think for a minute that they wouldn't test the world's response in this manner. China does not care. They do not value human life like the west.

    They are probably considering a bioweapon, after they have a vaccine for Party members and people they wanna keep. Easy solution to a nuclear deterrent.

    But, please do keep shopping at Walmart people.
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  • Posted by Lucky 2 months, 1 week ago
    FFA (and blarman) thanks for posting.

    There are two issues here:
    That the CCP19 virus was constructed rather than evolved,
    That it was deliberately released.

    Both ideas have been going for a while, this particular person seems to have very high cred in the field.

    Another serious point is the attempt to prevent news and discussion by censoring the author.

    It is almost amusing to recall that Australia's prime minister ScottMorrison suggested an independent inquiry, no nation was named in any context. There were howls of protest from China. mm.mm.
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  • Posted by $ kddr22 2 months, 1 week ago
    Additionally based on its closest wild relative, a virus from 2012-2014 found in a mine in China, the genetics suggest the earliest it could naturally mutate to current form( at its fastest) would have been 50 years
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  • Posted by 73SHARK 2 months, 1 week ago
    The Chinese virologist was on Tucker Carlson tonight (9-15-20) and claimed that she had evidence that the virus was man-made. Tucker revealed that Twitter had kicked her off the Forum. I certainly hope that she is in a secure unknown location somewhere.
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