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I use the site, and that link shows you the graph I produced.
This breaks down NY,FL,MI as examples since I have lived in those states. (Total Cases, Total Deaths)

In a nutshell, the big swell of cases appears to be done. Now we are going to face an "over testing" problem.
Now, I graphed total deaths, which will always increase. I did this to show the performance of these 3 states.
NY is hailed as a success. And I finally had someone explain why... Because they are NOW keeping their case count under control. (LMAO, that's moving the goal post). I EXPLAINED: They did NOT flatten the curve and they had WAY TOO MANY Deaths. Whereas FL has NAILED that Flatter curve, and is now letting it spread while the death rate is MUCH LOWER.

He disagreed, because we should be STOPPING any NEW CASES. OMG... Horrible.

This link does Average Weekly. And let me speak to it directly. My point from early on is the DEATHS is ALL we should be paying attention to. Let it spread at a rate that we can handle the deaths and NOT overwhelm hospitalizations. I had stated the assumption that deaths would in fact tell us if the hospitals were overwhelmed, but that each county should control their openness based on the hospital overwhelm as a secondary measure. But 2 simple approaches:

What I want to add here today is:
1) Peak Prosperity (Dr. Martensen) is even starting to move on from the topic. We have NUMEROUS Treatment options, and the need to be panicked is no longer there:

2) Ivor Cumins points out that these curves are WELL KNOWN, and show that when the deaths dry up as cases are actually higher, that it is an artifact of OVER TESTING, not the dangers of the disease:

3) Even this Nurse from the UK Points out that the HCQ studies were SERIOUSLY Flawed, as if to make it fail:


But just in time for our election here in the states, it looks like things will be opening up.
Hopefully this keeps the CRAZIES out of office!

And for the "Believe in Science" crowd... Dr. Fauci said it is SAFE TO VOTE IN PERSON.
So stop the MAIL IN BALLOT FRAUD and lets vote like we have in EVERY OTHER ELECTION!

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