Study shows over the counter cough syrup may be effective against COVID-19

Posted by freedomforall 2 months, 3 weeks ago to Science
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Bromhexine was patented in 1961 and is commonly found in OTC pharmacy cough syrups with names like Bisolvon, Robitussin, and Duro-Tuss.

Results: A total of 78 patients with similar demographic and disease characteristics were enrolled.
There was a significant reduction in ICU admissions (2 out of 39 vs. 11 out of 39, P = 0.006),
intubation (1 out of 39 vs. 9 out of 39, P = 0.007) and death (0 vs. 5, P = 0.027) in the bromhexine
treated group compared to the standard group. No patients were withdrawn from the study because
of adverse effects.
Conclusion: The early administration of oral bromhexine reduces the ICU transfer, intubation,
and the mortality rate in patients with COVID-19. This affordable medication can easily be
administered everywhere with a huge positive impact(s) on public health and the world economy.
Altogether, the verification of our results on a larger scale and different medical centers is strongly

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