Not the usual perspective, but very interesting (Warning: occasional swear words)

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I've been trying to still keep one eye open on current events, but just following the headline stories doesn't really fit the puzzle pieces together in any ways that I can actually use or do anything with. Always looking for a different perspective that rings true enough to help my own shift at least one more step forward (so I can have a slightly better influence that's less full of my own fuzzy logic). In the end there's really very little that I can change (just myself and those around me) and at least for where I'm at on the trail that I'm on, this guy's videos have made enough sense (and touched on many little analogies and key things I've noticed) for me to keep going down this rabbit-hole and not mind the long listens. This was one of the discussions that I found especially interesting. Just sharing for those who might also.

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    Him and the young British who usually "roast" each other before getting more serious in their videos may appeal more to a younger crowd, with slightly different interests like the 2 guys on my crew who are still a little immersed in video games/entertainment but still have working eyeballs and original thoughts. This is what I mean about focusing on whatever difference for the better I can actually make ("To make knowledge live and to keep it alive is just as important as solving specific problems")

    "Checking it out RN"
    Me: "Yeah, they like to roast Jordan Peterson a little bit (all in good fun) but they do make a lot of good points and have definitely read more of the psychologists & philosophers than I have"
    "I've never read any of what he's talking about, but I've always said as much. People don't understand history or the change in views, they just go with what they hear and that's good enough. For instance, America wasn't evil for killing the Indians and more than William the conquer is good. William Wallace, Alexander the Great, & Nathanial Bacon are all the same. Yes, it's terrible by today's standards, but that's not the world they lived in. Slavery wasn't about hate for blacks, it was money. Blacks sold blacks to us for work. If they were blue, white, or yellow we would have bought them. But people want to focus on what they can use from history to bud their versions of the future"
    Me: "Yeah, it seems like most folks just want the shiny comfortable things to keep on coming (else there will be people in the streets, not really knowing what they're doing, what they want, or how to get it, just saying "I'm angry! And bored! And I don't know how to be alone! And this makes me feel like I'm playing a meaningful part in history!") and more gossip to copy/paste into their conversations with friends at work or at the bar. That's where most of my own personal angst seems to come from: original thoughts seem so much harder to find the more normalised people become"
    Me: Pat Bet-David just had a NK escapee on his channel ("Valuetainment") & it was def and interesting perspective on NK and Ch!n@ coming from a place where people are still living in the dark and starving (searching for rotten potatoes in the snow) because as long as they're kept in starvation mode living like animals they have no thoughts or concerns for what the masters are doing and so deeply misinformed that they are kept believing that they are literally ruled by gods.
    Crazy $#!t, but real. H!tler may be dead, but the terrible things he did are still very much alive and even enabled by our collective ignorance and tail-chasing"

    ...just thought I'd share a little more context and "real talk" conversation that this led to.
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