Court Win for Professor Sued by Muslim Student, Punished by College Over Terrorism Course

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This month a federal court settled the issue, dismissing the lawsuit against the professor and the community college district, which has 10 campuses. In the ruling Judge Susan Brnovich writes that a curriculum that “merely conflicts with a student’s religious beliefs does not violate the Free Exercise Clause.” She also writes that the Muslim student was not required to adopt the views expressed by the professor or the course’s required reading, but only to demonstrate an understanding of the material taught. “Mr. Sabra was simply exposed to attitudes and outlooks at odds with his own religious perspective,” the ruling states. Appointed to the bench by President Donald Trump in 2018, Judge Brnovich also writes this in her order: “Examining the course as a whole, a reasonable, objective observer would conclude that the teaching’s primary purpose was not the inhibition of religion. Only in picking select quotes from the course can one describe the module as anti-Islam.”
SOURCE URL: https://www.judicialwatch.org/corruption-chronicles/court-win-for-professor-sued-by-muslim-student-punished-by-college-over-terrorism-course/

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  • Posted by $ blarman 7 months ago
    I note that they didn't even address the real crux of the argument: the truth in what was being taught. Islam has been the source of much of the terrorism in the world going back 1500 years. And a quick look at the FBI terror watch list is notable for the number of Islamic terrorist groups listed there - which includes all of the top 10.
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