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  • Posted by $ Commander 2 months ago
    All my 20 thumbs up on this find Thor!
    I'm passing on to my entire mailing lists...and my dearly ("departed" from reality) present governor Tony Evers, who just reacted to the Casedemic with another mandate.
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  • Posted by chriwatkins 2 months ago
    The comments on COVID are spot-on!
    Nonetheless I would like write about SYSTEMIC RACISM given the events in Louisville.

    If you ask me, a supposedly privileged white 'binary' male, I must concur that systematic racism absolutely does exist in this country however not in the way the mostly white 'poor little rich kids' attending "Ivy League" schools on mommy and daddy's dime are led to believe. These children posing as adults sit at rapt attention in their classrooms drooling over the mindless babble and maniacal rants of their so-called professors eschewing any notion of the Socratic concept of self-examination but voraciously devouring Marxist ideology as if it were gospel. I doubt that any one of these mind-numbed twits were made aware that Marx was a rabid racist!
    Yes, systematic racism exists as these ANTIFA types "graduate" from "esteemed" universities with no appreciable skills other than to paint signs an organize riots. To be fair, they actually have learned one other thing as they leave school, diploma in hand... they evolve into the role of the next generation of oppressors as they hide like kings and queens behind their castle keeps while their under-educated black pawns mindlessly fight to the death for them, more often than not, bearing the brunt of the punishment.
    Yes, systematic racism existed in the demented mind of fervent racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger whose primary goal, in essence, was to thin the black heard. Hence her "Planned Parenthood" clinics curiously began popping up in primarily black communities. Go figure.
    Many years ago, black slaves were forbidden to learn to read and write! Is it any different today? Perhaps the tactics are a bit more subtle as while kids are being herded into failing schools are not forbidden to learn to read and write, they're simply not taught how! How slimy the left!
    (I'll write more later)
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  • Posted by $ Ben_C 2 months ago
    Amen. I find the truth from those who could not care less about our presidential election. This report is consistent with the Swiss and others outside the US. Too bad Gov Bitchmer in Michigan refuses to embrace facts and clings to her political agenda. We are hurting in Michigan.
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    • Posted by $ 2 months ago
      Truth clearly does not come from people who:
      1. are afraid
      2. benefit from others being afraid (e.g. media and election)
      3. already had a strong opinion.
      Gun control, nuclear power, environment, Corona response, are all in this category
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