Call for an Investigation of Fauci and NIAID’s Collaboration with China on the COVID-19 Virus

Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago to Science
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The author, Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., is a retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel, who previously worked at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases and conducted basic and clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. He is a member of the Citizens Commission on National Security.
SOURCE URL: https://ccnationalsecurity.org/call-for-an-investigation-of-niaids-collaboration-with-china-on-the-covid-19-virus/

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  • Posted by Lucky 2 months ago
    On top of what Sellin wrote, I add-

    When Australia's prime minister Morrison made a carefully worded proposal for a serious international impartial expert inquiry, the response from China was of such a level of hysteria as to imply guilt.

    A comment on joannenova com au said:
    The extreme harshness of the measures taken by China in Wuhan, extensive destruction of evidence, locking/ welding doors shut on apartment buildings ... ..
    may have been due to that they knew something bad had got out.
    Or, it could have been that whoever made the decision did not know what it was but they knew that the Wuhan lab was doing real dangerous stuff.
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  • Posted by $ Thoritsu 2 months ago
    Forgetting about CoronaVirus for a minute, what the hell are we gaining in the US by funding research capability in China?

    It is fundamentally idiotic to be funding capability in a country that is essentially at war with the US.

    The only reason to pay China is for things we can't get elsewhere, or we don't want to get elsewhere (e.g. rare earth elements that they are willing to get by ruining their environment.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months ago
    Okay. Answer question? Why the great interest in developing or investigating these viruses? What part do they play in our lives? Why such a great investment of federal dollars in China?
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    • Posted by $ blarman 2 months ago
      Money. A single vaccine that gets distributed to the world can rake in billions of dollars every year in perpetuity. In a time when we're overcoming many of the diseases which have plagued (pun intended) mankind for centuries, that means less need for these money-makers over time.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 2 months ago
    Fauci has for years proven himself to be an opportunist, for himself and his pals. When a doctor comes up with something, Fauci says it won't work, then a year later, one of his pals releases it under their name. He is known to have put $3.5 million via NIAID into the lab in China. He was himself in that lab outside Wuhan, then came back to US and criticized Trump for closing borders. The NIH is alread under investigation for another case of their putting research money meant for use in US, in the Chinese lab. The CDC had a grant for 2019 for over half million, to study how the virurs is "created" and "track spread pattern" - before the supposed "accident." Now the doctor who escaped China is telling how the virus was manipulated in the lab beond natural coronaviurus. This was no accident, this was planned rlease. And, how did Bill Gaates happen to stage a virtual spread on a computer, filmed in a room of cohorts, throwning his ars up in glee as the virus speard virtually from China, to Europe to US! As it was complete, he exclaimed, that was when we bring in the vaccine! This was 5 months before the outbreak. Now, if there is apx. $240 million dollars, as state on Tucker Carlson in tht lab of US and Canadian funds, who else is involved in this attempt to play God? This is a criminal act, murder, by scientists and oligarchs. Why is the mainstream ignorant, or willing to be sown as stupid dunces they are> This is an overeach of attempts to cut down populations and destroy economies. =, Gates has oftern been filmed lecturing on the topic, and at one event, said, "Vaccines are the way to go." Ne never made clear on the tape if he meant snuffing people or making them sterile, or what?
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  • Posted by term2 2 months ago
    I am tired of all this. I am willing to go with what it looks like at this point. I conclude up to this point that Fauci is a bureaucratic tool who is deeply embroiled in with the chinese to actually develop the corona virus. Fauci may not have been in on releasing it into the world, but he had something to do with formulating it in the first place.
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