Chinese Communist Party uses ‘talent stations’ to lure Australian scientists

Posted by freedomforall 3 months ago to Technology
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The Chinese Communist Party has at least 57 talent recruitment “stations” in Australia to lure the top scientists to work for Beijing on Xi Jinping’s goal of global dominance in critical technologies, a new report says.

The ASPI report says an estimated 1000 Australian scientists are believed to have been recruited to participate in its overseas talent plans, with many working on technologies that can be harnessed by the Chinese military.

One Australian-Chinese scientist signed-up to the lucrative Thousand Talents Plan, Monash University nanotechnology professor Cheng Wenlong, said he had a “duty to contribute to China’s national defence development”, according to the report.

The talent plans are part of China’s national push to achieve technological superiority in key fields, with President Xi urging the country’s scientists and engineers in 2018 to “actively seize the commanding heights of technological competition and future development”.

The report says the United States is a prime target for the recruiters, and is described by Chinese state media as the largest “treasure trove” of technological talent.

“In addition to the US, it’s likely that more than a thousand individuals have been recruited from each of the UK, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Japan, France and Australia since 2008,” the report says.

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  • Posted by Lucky 3 months ago
    ffa is commended for having a subscription to
    paywalled at least to my machine.

    About two months ago I read on the Gulch about the US scientist, top in his field (micro-biology, virology, phages?) who was under investigation for leaking and violating commercial agreements in getting the latest research to China.
    We, well me anyway, know it goes on but not how widespread it is. A good description of what happens in Australia is here, no paywall-

    As far the university scientists go, it may be just inside legality, and clearly not ethical. Re China, none of the customs of proper behavior or respect for property apply, for them there are no unwritten rules, written rules are there to be by-passed, there is no context, and they conform to rules only when forced.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 3 months ago
    Me dino doesn't understand Australia. If I was an Aussie politician, I'd be screaming for kicking out CCP everythings and anythings for spreading the Covid-19 pandemic.
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