“Mortality decreases” have also complicated matters

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“I’ve been so struck by the number of Americans across the country that have just had it,” she said.

“Mortality decreases” have also complicated matters, she said.

“When people start to realize that 99 percent of us are going to be fine, it becomes more and more difficult” to get people to comply, she said.
SOURCE URL: https://www.eldoradonews.com/news/2020/aug/18/birx-says-country-weary-covid-19-recognizes-arkans/

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  • Posted by $ Abaco 1 week ago
    Yeah...Knowing that the Americans may not sign up for the vaccine they are setting the stage..."This may go for years. You don't want that do you?"

    Mark my words. You're about to see a massive psy-op. This is a peek. Sounds paranoid, I admit. The article mentions talking to a rest home resident...talk about the bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of how people have been treated. Can't get visits from their grand kids, etc. One of my buddies was talking about his mother in this situation. I said, "You ought to smuggle her out and bring her home. She'll be safer." He agreed. Funny we have to talk like that in this day and age. Things getting better, or worse?...
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  • Posted by 6 days, 5 hours ago
    I guess one of the things that strikes me the most is that it is no longer necessary to pretend it is anything other than it is. Like the LA County Public Health bureaucrat who said K-12, can re-open after the election; they are broadcasting their truth.

    And of truth, the (actual) inconvenient truth that "mortality decreases" are simply a 'complication' rather than what should be celebration.

    Six months ago I'd have been 100% sure that these kinds of stories were much farther in our future. I'd have been quite wrong.
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  • Posted by BobCat 6 days, 22 hours ago
    The CCCP Wuhan Virus has not lived up to the computer simulations which predicted millions and millions of deaths. Heck, even with fudging the numbers on deaths, the virus is showing to have been not even anywhere near as devastating as was predicted. Sheeple are starting to see for themselves that they have had the "wool" pulled over their eyes and some are now starting to become upset. So do not be at all surprised by the numbers who will not allow themselves to be vaxed.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 week ago
    Is it because Americans are fed up with the scare tactics and ridiculous leftist manipulation, or are Americans soft due to past conveniences and can't deal with any adversity.
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    • Posted by $ Commander 6 days, 7 hours ago
      I see you clear on both accounts. The first is an overwhelming minority who understand liberty and the responsibilities of such. The latter are the ignorant comfortable, and those who are proud of their ignorance, the Stupid, who have just run into a reality check, and have no idea how to conduct their affairs.
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