Economics in We the Living

Posted by mshupe 3 years, 9 months ago to Economics
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"Arbitrarily condemned as exploiters, the entrepreneurial types integrate their mental with their physical energy, open businesses in order to survive, and quickly fail because consumers have no money. This downward spiral is a necessary consequence of Say’s Law, aka the law of markets – production creates its own demand. In 1920’s Petrograd, the mind has been neutered by the Revolution, material capital is depreciating quickly, financial capital exists only on the black market, and production has regressed to mindless, medieval standards.

This medieval mysticism was the disintegration of mind and body that Kira had rejected. It was also the status quo that the Whites, at the election meeting, wanted to preserve. Kira was not political, her life’s goals depended on the economic way of Say’s Law, and its life premise of reason, purpose, and pride."

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