Ironic Democratic Party Candidates - An Accused Sexual Deviant and A District Attorney Who Imprisoned Thousands of Blacks For "Victimless Crimes"

Posted by freedomforall 1 month, 1 week ago to Politics
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"If the best qualified person for the job is a disabled, pansexual, non-binary Native American, then that’s the person who should be chosen.

Universities no longer prioritize well-rounded education. The media no longer prioritizes truth. Businesses can no longer prioritize profit. The government in no way prioritizes fiscal responsibility.

And as a I wrote yesterday, even the military can no longer keep national defense as its top priority.

Marxism and wokeness are now the priorities. And you can see it everywhere."

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  • Posted by Aurum79 1 month ago
    Of course you all remember Hank Rearden. He was sincere and intelligent and hard-working and capable, but he did not have the same scope of knowledge that Francisco and John Galt had so he made some bad decisions based on his crippled knowledge set. That may be the case on this board.
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    • Posted by Owlsrayne 1 month ago
      We 're all guessing at the outcome of the election. I have mentioned previously that there a fear running through many Arizonans that the Dems could win in November they are buying and learning to use handguns. I recently went to the local coin store to purchase some silver dollars customers were talking about prepping before the election and that Dem win would spell disaster for the country. I noticed that the proprietors of the store had expanded their prepper supply inventory. That's just locally where I live this may or may not the whole picture.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 1 month, 1 week ago
    What dumbfounds me is that the DNC has totally ignored their base of young voters calls for someone new, young, and preferably a minority, and imposed on them an aging, white racist, sexual deviant with dementia, and teamed him with the one Indian descended candidate that Indian Americans hate, with a clearly anti-black record on crime.

    If I was the one listening to the young Democrat voter, I would have backed a Gabbard/Yang team, with either at the top. Both are dynamic, intelligent figures, with progressive (but not extreme Marxist) records. Both are very personable, and could have not only energized the party voters, but attracted independents and liberal Republicans.

    I bet the Gulch is glad the party didn't go the route I suggest, because that's the only team I think would have had a chance of a fair and honest victory over Trump. As it is, I predict that if there's an apparent landslide for Trump, the Democrat party will contest every state. Most states have criteria for contesting election outcome when the margin is 1% or less, but I'm betting the party will ignore those rules and contend that the voter fraud is so widespread that every state should have a full ballot recount.

    Alex Jones has exposed a Podesta strategy that pushes for secession of the radically blue states and a separate inauguration of Biden and Harris to rule over those states if Trump wins. I don't know if the governors of those states are exactly on board with Podesta's ideas, because that's clearly an insurrection, and would invite Trump to move in accordance with the Insurrection Act, imposing martial law in those states and deposing their governments. Hopefully nothing as crazy as this is actually going to happen.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 1 month, 1 week ago
      Your last paragraph is an interesting scenario, but there are an awful lot of red counties in the blue states, especially in NY and CA, that could just as easily fragment those states even further. There are a lot of Upstate New Yorkers that would love the opportunity to jettison any ties to Albany or NYC and boot Il Duce Cuomo into the Atlantic.
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      • Posted by DrZarkov99 1 month ago
        It does seem consistent that nearly all blue states are driven by their big municipalities led by far left city governments, while the communities outside of those big cities are conservative. There's been a longstanding drive to break the Left Coast into the big coastal centers and the inland parts of the three states, since the former is radical left, and the latter more center right.

        As you point out, the same holds for other blue states that would like to chuck the extremists that have ruined life for those outside of the big cities (and actually haven't made life all that pleasant for the idiots who keep voting them into office). That definitely complicates the picture for those who think blue state secession is a strategy.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 month, 1 week ago
    A perfect representation of the Great Unwashed but what I really hear in my head was something a certain Hamster said while being nuked in a microwave...PERVERT! this case: PervertS...

    Remember the hamster in the microwave oven?

    (First time I ever heard; BITE ME and NANCY BOY.)

    Musical Interlude:
    In anticipation of IN THE MEME's a little ditty a certain special litter girl Maltese back in 1997 loved to watch with me on my very first computer...I know it's silly, Of Course it is...precisely the point...let it wear on you and forget all this bull crap for a moment:
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