Big Tech: The Means of No Production

Posted by freedomforall 8 months, 3 weeks ago to Business
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There is another level on which “the means of production” is relevant today – and that is because US tech giants are being called to testify to Congress against a backdrop of them becoming political footballs in an ever-more polarised society; something their many critics claim they help drive in various ways - have you seen the “Antisocial media” T-shirts?

In such a divided society --where “cultural Marxism” and “trained Marxist” are used as criticism and self-identification—it is ironic that most of these firms don’t actually produce anything, and certainly not in the US: one lets you search for other things; most of the others have no content unless the users provide it or produce it (in which case, mostly from abroad again). There is no “means of production” at all in that sense today. Yet clearly there is still vast power – and so an enormous ding-dong going on over who ‘controls’ them, and to what end.

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