Striking Decline of Premature Births and SIDS During COVID and a bonus article on the new vaccine...doesn't look pretty.

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During March and April this year, while most of the world enforced more or less strict stay-at-home orders, premature births plummeted by 90% in Denmark and 73% in Ireland, and nearly halved in Canada. Unusual reductions have also been reported in other countries, including Australia, the Netherlands and the U.S.
It’s still unknown why the premature birth rate has dropped so dramatically. Doctors speculate it may be because pregnant women have had more rest and less work stress, greater family support, more sleep, fewer infections and reduced air pollution
One factor that has not been openly addressed is the reduction in maternal vaccinations. Health officials have expressed concern over declining infant vaccination rates during the pandemic, so maternal vaccination rates may also have dropped
The death rate among children in the U.S. has also mysteriously dropped during the lockdowns, from an average of 700 per week to fewer than 500 per week during the months of April and May. Most of this change is attributed to a decline in infant mortality
Doctors and researchers suggest reduced vaccination rates during the pandemic may have played a role by reducing the number of infants dying from SIDS

For the first time in history, most US infants were required to receive several doses of DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines.

Perhaps the best evidence of the infant death and vaccination linkage occurred in Japan. In Japan, between 1970 and 1974, 37 infants died after DPT vaccinations. Alarmed MDs in one prefecture boycotted the vaccine. The boycott spread to the entire country. The Japanese government decreed that the minimum age for vaccination was to be changed from the American vaccination schedule (2, 4, 6 and 12 months) to 2 years."

Infant Vaccinations May Be Driving SIDS Rates

Remarkably, after banning vaccinations for babies under the age of 2 in Japan, SIDS virtually disappeared.24,25 In the years that followed, Japan became known for having the lowest infant death rate in the world. In contrast, the U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate — and the highest vaccination rate as well. If infant vaccinations improve health and save lives, why do our statistics not support such claims?

Shortly thereafter, in 1969, medical certifiers presented a new medical term — sudden infant death syndrome …

Bonus article, further on an up and coming vaccine: 100% Suffer Side Effects in 'Successful' COVID Vaccine Trial

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    I seriously doubt that the reduction in infant death is because mothers were sitting at home, not worried about work and survival, breathing the same air, getting no sunshine or fresh air or getting More/ but probably less in person support.

    But, I am sure we will hear more on the subject...if it turns out to be anything else but stay at home, don't go you seriously think you'll hear of it on the News?
    I bet not.
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