Is Florida the Site of "Jurassic Park" Experiment ?

Posted by freedomforall 4 weeks ago to Science
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Officials in the Florida Keys approved a plan to release over 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes, despite objections by local residents and several environmental advocacy groups.

The proposal - aimed at eradicating the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito that carries several deadly diseases including Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever - has already been approved by both state and federal bodies, with the EPA signing off on it in May.

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  • Posted by SilentScream 4 weeks ago
    I remember hearing about the genetically modified skeeters being released in Brazil years ago (around when they started in with the genetically modified salmon and pushing for approval in grocery stores. One of the first GMO animals). I hadn't gone back and looked into what came of that until now. This is how "well" that "worked" back then: It turns out they actually WERE able to reproduce and (like usual with GMOs) the un-natural strain (which is just as likely to pass on diseases) winds up passing on the genetically modified traits & taking over the species.

    ...and I JUST heard it mentioned in one of the documentaries that I recently watched (maybe "Who Is Bill Gates?" Corbett Report documentary) something about Gates calling mosquitoes little flying syringes. SMH. No bueno.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 4 weeks ago
    Russia has decided to leave nature alone...
    In Siberia, they had a nasty mosquito problem. Big Ugly Suckers... So, one day on a military base, a swarm came into contact with a jet engine and the bug juices were everywhere... So they got an idea to eradicate the beasts and roamed this jet around the edges of the base (as the story goes), and Voila... The reduction in mosquito population was Amazing and immediately noticed. They drank and laughed...

    Until the next batch of mosquitos were even bigger and stronger, and they realized they simply forced nature to get stronger, not a game then can win long term...

    As for this approach, I agree that we can't ban everything. In this case we are crowding out one species with another... The question is, what will we learn about THIS Species in 10 years... That it carries Covid-19 quite nicely?

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  • Posted by term2 4 weeks ago
    the problem with this sort of thing is that the government is backing it, which is always a bad thing. Secondly, who knows what othere diseases this new mosquito can carry that the original one didnt?
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    • Posted by nyfedra 2 weeks, 6 days ago
      The new mosquito is a male, which don’t bite humans. And they produce offspring that can’t mature into adulthood.

      This is the Reardon Metal of Mosquitos. Kill the little pests. Good riddance.
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  • Posted by evlwhtguy 4 weeks ago
    Actually sounds like a good idea to me. Even if they can reproduce....they are just more mosquitoes....we already have them so whats the big deal. Its not like letting in unfettered illegal immigrants and allowing them to vote. some wag can figure out that "Women and Minorities are hurt most" there will be an end put to it.
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  • Posted by Watcher55 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    This what in the good old days where human life was the standard and getting rid of pests was considered a good thing, was called "progress", and universally praised. Now it is an excuse for every "local resident" with as little idea as scientific education, "environmental advocate" who thinks the sole purpose of humans is animal food, and conspiracy theorist who thinks everything is a power grab by somebody, to start screaming.

    Am I bitter? You can tell me if I am. :-D
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