The Big Lie: The EU is Fixed, The Dollar is Dying and COVID Will Kill You

Posted by freedomforall 9 months, 1 week ago to Economics
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It’s a simple enough narrative that also neatly coincides with everything else we’re being bombarded with daily. And it goes something like this.

The EU is Fixed, The U.S. is Fucked.

So given that gold and silver are the most manipulated markets on the planet doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that silver, of all assets, explodes more than $8 per ounce over a three-week period? Climaxing into the end of a delivery month on the COMEX?

Really? After nearly twenty years of watching the silver market I can tell you that when we see behavior this out of the ordinary it’s because the people who wag the tail of the market dog want it to happen not because they’ve lost the script.

Economic depression mixed with incompetent leadership is supposed to lead you to lose faith in the currency of that government. That’s the big lie.

It’s like that scene in Minority Report where they find the guy who supposedly kidnapped Anderton’s son. There was a quote, “orgy of evidence.”

The sheer volume of it is supposed to make you believe a lie because how can you argue with such a vast array of evidence, right?

And in the curious case of the collapsing dollar I’m Tom Cruise. I’m not throwing the dollar out the window to its death. I’m calling bullshit and saying, “Nope I’m not buying what they are selling.”

I’ll buy that story in a couple of years but I won’t today.

Just like I’m not buying that I’ll die from the Corona-chan, that hydroxychloroquine and zinc won’t protect me from it or that the EU doesn’t have a whole lotta real work to do before anything in Europe can be reasonably described as ‘fixed.’

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  • Posted by SilentScream 9 months, 1 week ago
    Thanks for sharing. I just recently saw/heard Peter Schiff's perspective on Joe Rogan and it's good to read a perspective that differs slightly and also makes a lot of sense (maybe even more sense. Still digesting).
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