GA Governor Still Supporting Individual Health Freedom - Gov. Kemp Bans Cities, Counties from Mandating Masks

Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago to Philosophy
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Kemp’s executive order is a revised extension of guidelines put in place during the start of the pandemic, which encouraged, rather than required, residents to wear masks in public. The governor has called implementing such a measure “a bridge too far.”

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  • Posted by 2 months ago
    Private businesses in GA can choose to require customers and employees wear masks in their stores ... or not require any such thing.
    Kemp is letting the free market work in GA on this issue.
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    • Posted by UncleAlbert 2 months ago
      We live in Georgia and damn glad of it...Kemp is spot-on...we wander around outside unmasked, we have eaten at several restaurants as recently as last week and we were unmasked...sounds funny to say it "unmasked" like the Lone Ranger...we shopped at an outlet mall last week unmasked while each individual store upon entrance asked for customers to mask up although I overheard one employee say that even though they asked for it customers were free not to...jest sayin'
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