Hooked On Differential Equations.

Posted by Doug_Huffman 2 months, 1 week ago to Humor
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“[ ... ]
There are only 90 primitive functional, algebraic, polynomial,
logarithmic, trigonometric, exponential, and differential
transformations. There are only a dozen basic tactics for
methods of solution. There are only 33 rudimentary sine and
cosine transforms. There are only 29 elementary classes of
Fourier transform functions. There are only a few score series
expansion modalities.

"Hooked on Differential Equations" sets each of these simple
concepts to music. Twisted Sister, Metallica, The Dead Kennedys,
Ozzy Osborne, and Queen Latifa will join you each week as you hum
along, mastering Laguerre polynomials and Bernoulli's equation.
You will be amazed when your friends discuss divergence in
cylindrical coordinates and you can suddenly put them in their
place with a spherical Laplacian! "What's the matter boys, are
you limited to inhomogeneous coordinate systems with constrained
symmetries? Ha!" From this day forward you will never again
have to pay for your own beer. You will have arrived!
[ ... ]”
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  • Posted by $ MikeMarotta 2 months ago
    First off, I never took Diff Eq. In fact, I only had two semesters of calculus. So, I am not posing. here. But just to say, I just finished a project in laser sintering and it required learning some new physics. Whatever you do, you have to keep stretching and exercising and doing some heavy lfiting. I have a real problem with people who want to "make math fun" or "make fun."
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    • Posted by 2 months ago
      About 35 years ago I lived in a house that had an oil fired heater fed from a horizontal cylindrical tank. I wanted to use my common inch-yardstick to measure the volume of the tank, which I did successfully.

      I noticed an irreducible term that occurred three times - the definition of radian in angle measure. I was quite pleased with myself.
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