For those who have friends still believing "fake news", maybe this can break it down for them.

Posted by SilentScream 1 month, 3 weeks ago to News
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Me and a friend were just discussing this as her own family members expressed sadness & disappointment in her skepticism of the "news" and questioning of the "narratives". I had actually shared this channel (ex-investigative journalist for VICE who refused to comply, took his savings, & went independent when they started "going woke" & pandering), saying "maybe this guy's channel can help them read between the inflammatory headlines" just before he uploaded this video focusing exactly on what we were just talking about. Coincidence? Maybe not, but I don't take it like most seem to think, that "everything happens for a reason", More like "reason can be found in everything that happens" & we have only one job: to see it.

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  • Posted by mccannon01 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    I've all but totally given up on teaching leftist droids how to recognize when they are being hooked and fooled by the Main Stream Marxist Media. It's really not all that hard if you have enough knowledge and a bit of rational thinking, but that's the problem! Even the smartest among them seem to lack basic information and can't reason their way around the simplest problems. They lack even the slightest curiosity to even ask, "Does this make sense?"

    One of my most recent encounters was an English teacher who couldn't grasp the concept of a building named "Federal Court House" and it's Federal employees was being protected from vandalism and harm by Federal Marshals without needing permission of a local mayor. Even mentioning that Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are fair game for the Federal authorities because they cross state and international boundaries, which local authorities under the supposed mayoral control don't have the expertise or jurisdictional reach to handle, is totally lost on him.
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    • Posted by Peggy 1 month, 3 weeks ago
      Critical thinking is no longer taught. Neither is civics nor the Constitution. It is quite disheartening to see those who appear to be completely dumbed down and indoctrinated.
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  • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    Perhaps this may simplify more.
    If any article of information has anonymous source it is invalid.
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    • Posted by 1 month, 3 weeks ago
      True, but who wants to read or do the fact-checking? "Ain't nobody got time for that!" That's everyone else's job. I'm just telling you what my friends think.... "Any independent sources are not peer reviewed, therefore not worth looking into and should instead be regarded as quackery!" Thus says "the new normal" that we're creating.

      My friend's reply to this on FB: "lol some random Youtube video is going to prove Trump "Right"? Sure, ok."
      Me: "When you assume, you make an @$$ out of u and me. This is neither random, nor from a Trump supporter."

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      • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month, 3 weeks ago
        The all knowing left finds a trusted source and their work is done for them. They are lazy. Period.
        They do not want to discuss or debate. The reason is ....they are factoid intolerant. The narrative they believe crumbles when reason and logic are applied. The solution is to call people names with ism or ist , label and then feel virtuous. My brother in law told me he hates Trump and nothing Can change his mind. Bravo ,way to close your mind. I suppose opposing facts
        will stir that cognitive dissonance.
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        • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 1 month, 3 weeks ago
          In my experience the "educated" left has no clue how to debate an issue. They cannot read a premise and argue against it with examples.

          Instead they start with ad-homonym attacks and links to web sites.
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          • Posted by $ Flootus5 1 month, 3 weeks ago
            It would appear we have entered into an age where contradictions don't exist because they cannot/will not be acknowledged. From there, any attempt at checking the premises is long gone.
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      • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 3 weeks ago
        Assumption is the most prominent practiced aspect of industrialized human existence.
        They, Them, Those.....when villages were small and interdependence was a knowledgeable norm we knew whom we depended upon for our direct survival, and indirectly for the easing of toil due to specialization of tasks......Baker, Chandler, Smith. As the "village" grew, the direct contact and knowledge of others, and their respective "parts" in this dynamic, often referred to as Capitalism, spawned anonymity. "The things I need come from these shelves, they all just seem to make themselves..." I plant no seed, I tend no vine, I have no feast at harvest time"....because I assume someone else will Do.

        Have you ever assessed the difference between friend and acquaintance?
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        • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
          I looked up those 3 names but failed to find a link that explained. Just curious which Smith you speak of... for personal reasons. I'm alleged to be a direct descendant of one. My brother recently shared a book about this Smith's un-official "true" history that's on my list to read next. ...along with the The Objectivist's Ethics now, since your suggestion. I found a 3 part reading of it (to listen to while flint-knapping), but then no Part 3. From what I did hear of it, I definitely think it's worth purchasing a hard copy that's easier to share with friends (the more authentic ones).

          Great quote and fair point. I have constantly been evaluating & re-evaluating my friendships as more extrapolations continue to shed new light on existing situations. I just sometimes speak a little faster than I think and fail to take the time to find more accurate wording.

          My apologies for the delayed reply. A bolt of lightning fried our modem that day (un-plugging me from "the Matrix") and the new one only JUST showed up. So I've had plenty of time to think, and now have some catching up to do.
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          • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 2 weeks ago
            Baker...self explained now? I did not mean to be vague. I apologize. For a reference...

            I am pleased you vetted....not trusting outright and assuming. The Objectivist's Ethics is about 20 pages. It relieves assumption of what we are as living organisms and where "values" begin. If you want an original Nathaniel Branden Inst. 1961

            The quote is from Peter Mayer, a musician from Stillwater MN. Since you've mentioned trail building and Knapping....I hope not on the job unless you need an emergency tool, I'd recommend his title Yukon Sally. This seems appropriate metaphor for your post, and re-evaluations. Sonny Barger, founder Hell's Angels, has been quoted as saying, if one can count friends on more than one hand...time to rethink.

            Apologies not accepted. To apologize is to address an inequity in behavior. See above! LOL!
            We share in word-symbol metaphor. Definitions must be common for understanding. From Rand: "Definitions are the guardians of rationality, the first line of defense against the chaos of mental disintegration". Perhaps another context; dis-integration, is warranted as to the respective inability to conceptualize, regarding the dialog with your friend.

            Finally....fried might an isolated indigenous human perceive this? Well, if you've had fun with this you can repay by finding me a recipe for pilates.....
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            • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
              I very much enjoy your comments (always something new to think about). I'll definitely check out Yukon Sally next but everything else that you said has given me much to reply to.

              The book - Got it (well, ordered and on it's way) Also a hard copy of Atlas Shrugged to share and probably my 5th time buying The Illustrated Man, by Bradbury (since nobody ever returns it)

              Re: "fried might an isolated indigenous human perceive this?" Probably very much like this, I imagine. LOL

              I looked up "recipe for pilates", found a website by the same name, read more about it there, and it actually DID trigger a little bit of a "eureka". I could be a little biased, but I really DO think my job is the best & most natural. Our old boss (who trained a good crew then retired and left us to it, then got sick of retirement and started another smaller crew of his own) is currently 74, still working hard, and about the most fit person his age that I've met yet. I've seen him take a tumble & sommersault ~15 feet down a hill with a tree breaking his fall and just walk away a little sore & bruised (when most his age would need to be airlifted out). I've met a 90-something year old (after seeing him whacking away with an axe at the base of a stump and asked if I could help. ...and maybe spare him a heart attack) who still had some solid biceps and his memory wasn't what it used to be but besides having help for that, he was still able to get around and do everything else for himself. The key seems to be to never stop moving or let yourself start growing sedentary. Of course you doing my job isn't very practical or probable, but I'll explain some of the things about it that seems like very significant factors:

              All natural if possible (if you have access to any good trails). So much more good earth, pollen, bacteria, clean oxygen, & countless other stimulating details to take in from the backdrop & totally random shapes, slopes, or textures gives a more full range of muscle movement.

              Elevation Change is, I think, THE most significant thing as it accomplishes SO many different things at once.
              It's excellent for improving heart-rate variability among other things. I've paid attention and noticed that it seems to escalate quickly, then seem to be almost beating too fast when I take a rest, then stabilizes after the climb and seems less quick to escalate and more ready for anything (heart fully activated). When my dad was battling cancer the natural way (& won), he would jog on flat ground (a golf course after hours) & up and down stairs (at a high-rise apartment building that let him). I currently hike up a mountain to get to my (fire and pet friendly) job, then get a different kind of cardio workout swinging tools (heart rate especially escalates when sawing or swinging an axe or seldge hammer. I think maybe b/c it's more of a "fast twitch" or "quick release of max focus/force" type of thing) for about 6 hours, then hike 1 or 2 miles back out. ...but that IS a bit much and I have to remind myself often to not over-do it.

              Breathing Exercise: After seeing some interviews with Wim Hoff (world record setter at a number of different things), I looked up and tried his breathing technique. He calls it "getting high on his own supply", saying it floods your body with oxygen and activates and stimulates your immune system, nervous system, cannabinoid receptors, endorphins, & other things. And the huffing and puffing from climbing stairs or a mountain does seem very similar to his breathing technique. Have you heard of the term "runner's high"? I really DO thing there's something to that. I always come home sore physically, but mentally still feel much more fully activated, cleared, & I would even say more euphoric than normal (slowly winding down over an hour or 2 of relaxing)
              Heat Shock Proteins: Hot Sauna or Hot Yoga can be a REALLY beneficial substitute for "working out" for elderly or handicapped folks, but I do feel like this too comes with hiking up a hill or stairs or swinging heavier tools. Heart rate, breathing, & body temp goes way up (I've read that the purpose of getting a fever when sick is to heat the body enough to kill viruses, but not enough to hurt you), leading to sweating, then feeling almost cold in the breeze when back on easier ground, or when going from chopping through a fat root or rolling a big rock out of the way back to the easy work of snipping and smoothing. All day my temperature, like my heart rate and my breathing is constantly escalating and de-escalating.
              Sweat: You pee, you poo, and you sweat. Those glands exist to be expressed, and I suspect that there are probably a lot of toxins getting retained in the body for a lot longer without it. And a lot of people these days go days without getting hardly any of it.

              All good reasons to get out, hike some trails, and maybe make yourself a secret sanctuary out in the woods that others might stumble upon and enjoy. If you don't have access to any good trails in your area, I'm still skeptical of the usual exercise machines that people do at the gym being very full range or getting much done. And you mentally feel a lot better when you're getting something done with a purpose behind it. I'm certainly no expert on exercise, but I hope this gives you ideas that help!
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              • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                Regarding fried modems and pilates recipes and definitions being in common...
                ...and then there is syntax; the implied tenor of the message. I truly meant this in a humorous / oxymoronic context. I really expected a reasonably trite retort such as "Fry pilates just like modems, maybe a little cornmeal breading. My joke is definitely on me.

                Instead I receive a thoughtful, meaningful well intentioned expression of health. For your effort, I commend you on the content and thank you for the time and insights regarding my potential well being. I know runners high....4:07 mile in high school. Learned to breathe deeply from professional training in voice from Daniel Johnson at Viterbo College. Been athletic all my life...comes from working in the Trades. Just finished a week of 12+ hour days assembling pallet racking for a friend moving a business.....climbing 12 to 20 foot all day. Pretty good for 57 and two nerve impairments in my spine...legs and arms....LOL! Up until this year, since 2004, I've competitively raced sailboats. A normal day for me is arduous for many. And then there is time to "stay outside till the sky grows dark, walk in time to a beating heart, meditate a moment at the peak"...Yukon Sally....LOL again!

                In regard to our sharing, and in context to your post, regarding you and your friend's skepticism, "we" are comparing our fundamental experiences against the messages being presented. So many have arrested their own respective mental development, I think, due to their "comfort", as ambiguous as "comfort" may end up defined. The willingness to be told what one is and what one believes is detrimental to self-awareness and self-esteem. These are symptoms of what Alvin Toffler desribes in Future Shock.....too much change in too little time...for those who are not prepared the effects will be devastating. I don't despair. An end is a beginning. I see the present turmoil as the ultimate teaching position.

                And so one last lesson from Peter Mayer.....Do you really want to know?
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                • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                  Awesome! I'm glad I was able to repay an injoyable reply. I've always been a little (arguably) ADHD, with a tendency to skip around a bit looking for linx, but at least still usually can find and come back with one (or more) that I caught from wherever it was that my attention ran off to. LOL

                  I'm coming to find and see most of these same things you speak of and it almost seems like magic except that we know that there is a technical process behind it (that anyone else could also find, follow, and see just as contageously). Like just flint-knapping (home alone on the porch), years go by every now & then deciding to test the waters again at the flea market, & being blown away by the amount of people & requests for permission to take pictures that it suddenly drew one day (and ever sense), and feeling a bit of an underlying spontaneous frustration when people say things like "You're really talented!" or (more sadly) "I wish I was good at something." because it's the polar opposite of what I see. I almost want to shake them & say "You're missing the point! It's not some magic gift that I've been uniquely blessed with! You can do it too! Just find something you really enjoy and start putting in some practice! It's not free, but the price is SO easy to afford as it only has to be payed in very small installments in yourself. That's it!" A little later (in another comment on another comment) I'll offer more specifically some of the linx I've been finding lately in regards to some of these things.

                  Loved the song & will check out more by him. Couldn't help but laugh at the seemingly-"magical" relevance of ole "Hellicopter Joe" in light of recent happenings out on the mountain. I can't help but wonder what Joe no doubt must be wondering about right about now. The latter half of Wed, while working out on the trail, the p0+ ch0pper was flying all to and fro overhead, and still were when it was time to go home. I'm sort of the "pathfinder" on the crew and prefer to take the shortest distance between 2 points while watching carefully for snakes (while the others don't have enough trust in their eyes and prefer to take the easier longer trail out), so here I come walking straight down the mountain on a washed out road with a big knife on my hip (for choppin' roots & branches), a mostly empty gallon jug in my hand (it's hot as hell out there and I'll sometimes drink even more than that to replace all the sweat on the hottest summer work days), and while enjoying the awesome view of the valley, ole Joe comes flying around the bend, sees me, turns, and freezes. ...but I just smiled, waved, and kept going, watching my step. They went off and passed a few more times as I got back to the truck, geared down, and left, making me pretty sure that I was likely to get pulled over a little ways down the road. Sho nuff, but not really. There was a line of 3 regular-looking trucks with trailered 4-wheelers on each at the fork in the road, parked in the way that I take to get home (the other way is possible in 4WD &, but not the shortest distance between points), but I had nothing to hide so nothing to fear (besides whether or not any of them were criminals at heart) & just pulled up next to them. The lead plain-closed share-if just looks at me for a couple seconds while we exchange a short "hello" then pulls the caravan forward. The last guy in line wore fatigues (with a definitely anti-green logo on the arm) and it was his bemused grin and look in his eyes that has me justifiably wondering what they might think about the appearance of a Yukon Sally like me just appearing out of the woods. I know I ain't been near or dabbling with anything I shouldn't be, just doing my job, so as long as they're doing theirs (collecting evidence to actually get whoever they're actually after, not just jumping to conclusions that confirm personal biases), I should be fine. Just wanted to share the story since it gave me a laugh when I heard the reference in the song.
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                  • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                    I'd like to change the context of "a little ADHD" to Wonder-fully ADHD......if'n Y'all don't mind.
                    This present response may take 20 minutes or a few hours as I am a child of The Spectrum as well. Writing is a chore compared to the fluidity of verbal discourse for me.

                    In your second paragraph; have you taken the chance to express your vitality to those you've encountered? To encourage and incite learning is one of the greatest personal gifts a human can offer. To Say: "Come on and sit here. Hold this in this manner, hold this as such and carefully strike like this. Now strike her like this. Hmmm....are you left handed?" The enthusiastic passing on of skills and values is the foundation of Capitalism.
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                    • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                      Same here with writing for the same reason. Wind up writing a whole wall of text that I have to proof-read, find the mistakes that stand out, find more accurate working that seems to better fit and wind up taking 20 - 45 minutes before hitting send. My younger friends and coworkers are more jacked into the moment and quick back & forth reactions from each other, so I'm sure they think I'm a little weird, but it HAS made life a little more interesting & gotten us all a couple decent raises to a more adult wage, so maybe different isn't necessarily bad?

                      I try and so does my brother. We've been talking more and more lately and longer & longer (like 4 hours yesterday) just because as long as one thought keeps leading to another (presenting and finding interesting things from "another way to look at it"s), neither of us wants to break the free exchange. Contageous conversations with one who is more immune to triggers or triggering really is a refreshing thing that seems to be growing more and more scarce these days.

                      When I've posted the same challenge on FB that I did here, essentially saying "What questions are we not allowed to ask? I want to know b/c truth should have nothing to hide", I wound up in a 4 hour long phone chat with a friend who tentatively asked something that most others tend to lash out at her for asking & it led to a huge conversation and the mutual feeling of: "Man, it's refreshing just be allowed to speak freely with someone who can actually think more critically!" & a closer more effective long-distance friendship through common interests. The same with 2 on the crew at work who can see through the narcissistic group-think of the others on the crew (& really don't want to grow more like them, producing very little that is new or original, just feeding on each other): The conversations have only become more interesting.

                      But the price of improvement is becoming one's own biggest critic, & maybe allowing a little pride & enjoyment in a new thing for a moment, but not for long before you start noticing & pointing out all the little mistakes that nobody else would have noticed ("you could have gotten away with it, you crazy fool") & saying "Yep, definitely could have done better. Keep it if you want, but I think I'm gonna start over".

                      My brother has found the same: maybe making a small positive impact for the better on a few folks in our lives, trying to get his friends interested in more productive hobbies, interests, & skills, but there seem to be so few like us who are willing to actually get out in the real world and actually do something as long as the TVs & sweets are within reach.

                      This is one of the things we've been speaking of at great length. How to more effectively communicate with people who are so immersed in group think and not as well equipped/practiced as us homeschoolers to think for themselves, find their own questions, & keep an especially sharp and questioning eye on any unjustified claims of authority over-reaching it's bounds. It seems the more you learn and improve yourself the more different you become and harder it seems to be to find good free-exchange with others. What's almost enough to drive one crazy is knowing that the answers are always somewhere right on the tip of your tongue, so close and easy to come into being, just waiting for your brain to sort it's way through finding the right questions.

                      And trying to interpret others is very much like trying to interpret a dream. Each have their own archetypes and symbolisms to try to interpret and translate through, so a candle might remind one of a holiday communion in a sacred sanctuary while to another it might only remind them of starving bellies sharing crumbs by candlelight in a cold darkness. Also like interpreting a dream in that it takes two to want to and be willing to try, so how does one get another to WANT to feel some pain in order to properly treat their wounds? (especially when surrounded by more enticing treats and traps custom made to push the buttons that they're not even aware of having)

                      These are indeed the questions that need more boiling down and concentrating. This is what draws me to philosophy among other things. The distilling down of the largest and most far reaching concepts into the shortest & most effective phrases seems to be a linx worth pursuing. More mindful noticing of as many little details as you can and treat every moment you can maintain focus in as a learning experience. Even talking to my brother and best friend, we're scanning each other for little tells that might unknowingly betray some limitation point to what's known or some little flaw not yet resolved and neither trying to hide any but rather give up whatever we can willingly so the other might find something more helpful to interpret.

                      There's another one of those little short but seemingly potent phrases popping into my head again: "The more you're willing to embarrass the hell out of yourself, the less embarrassing you're able to become" Maybe I should start writing them down and leaving little notes like that in random places at the grocery store as little things for random strangers to find, scratch their heads, and maybe get some new ideas of their own from. I know we never can see even half of the effects that we cause. Just a little glimpse here & there. Just enough to see whether it was a good or bad thing & whether we do or don't want to make more of it.
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                      • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                        I found three gems in your response.
                        Simplicity beyond complexity
                        Telling on myself......this is the most fun.

                        And you are on the verge of a business model of awareness. I've been toying with the idea for a couple of years. This will require PM though. And it may be really fun.
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                        • Posted by 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                          I'm definitely curious and I'll be around tomorrow. The lumber mill that my brother ordered is getting dropped off at some totally not specific time, needing to be moved/secured on the property, & I'm more able to take a day off at my job than he is at his. Not even kidding. They want to keep printing the value out of our dollars & most folks seem fine with all this stimulating free money, so fine! We'll just invest ours in whatever ways we can find to make more value & self-sustainability for ourselves first with potential excess to sell or trade later.
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                          • Posted by $ Commander 1 month, 2 weeks ago
                            My hubby-inlaw, ex-wife's husband has a 28" Wood Mizer. We're always looking for old growth slab as I have a market waiting in WY. If we run into larger we have access to 60" within 100 miles. Planning on passive kiln within a year.
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  • Posted by amhunt 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    You might like to check out one Edith Efron as she was (1922 to 2001) one of the first to take note of and write about the 'bias' that was becoming more and prevalent in the media.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    I avoid the mainstream, as the absurdity and oack of logi just drives me nuts. I can't even watch some FOX shows, as even they are clueless. I am down to mostly Tucker, who does his homework. If people would just realize that the mainstream is not the news of our grandads, it was first in the hands of the Bildebergers, when I worked for a newspaper, and then in the hands of Soros. How can the liberals ignore that a man who hates our country, even during Obama, had a goal of using the media to destroy it? They may think it is all Trump, but it is really all anarchy. They are selling out their children's futures with their brainless reporting.
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  • Posted by brothertuck 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    In my opinion, Tim started good, I read his stories and learned from his articles. The problem is he became part of the problem. Maybe not fake news, but tilted. I find it hard to follow his logic, so have been reading less and less of his stuff, in fact I stopped following him even though I used to follow him on 3 other networks.
    As they say, just my humble opinion.
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  • Posted by fosterj717 1 month, 3 weeks ago
    This is an ongoing battle for sure. The MSM will not report on the Truth (for the most part) because it does not advance the agenda! For instance, reporting on the violence that is sweeping certain cities in the US has been purposely under reported and when it is reported does not put any focus on the violence and destruction that have nothing to do with "Peaceful Assembly Protests"! Why not? There is a perspective that can be had with this video from a Yugoslavian woman who has a warning for us (and the media). Please take the time to view:
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