Why the media Hates Judy Shelton (Trump's nominee for Federal Reserve Board)

Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 11 months ago to Philosophy
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"Imagine if a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors said the following:

When governments manipulate exchange rates to affect currency markets, they undermine the honest efforts of countries that wish to compete fairly in the global marketplace. Supply and demand are distorted by artificial prices conveyed through contrived exchange rates.

Or something honest like:

The Fed should focus on stable money as a key factor in economic performance. Given that central banks today are the world’s biggest currency manipulators, it’s imperative that the next chairman prioritize the integrity of the dollar.

And what if they showed an understanding of both history and sound money principles with something intelligent:

For all the talk of a “rules-based” system for international trade, there are no rules when it comes to ensuring a level monetary playing field. The classical gold standard established an international benchmark for currency values, consistent with free-trade principles."
SOURCE URL: https://mises.org/power-market/why-msm-hates-judy-shelton

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  • Posted by fosterj717 1 year, 11 months ago
    It seems that the media has a major problem with Truth, perhaps because they have been co-opted by powers that cannot stand having the light of truth shined on their machinations! We are now witnessing George Orwell's 1984 on steroids! Truth are lies and lies are truth! The MSM is all part of a massive disinformation cabal that has an agenda that has little if anything to do with the Truth about America! It has turned into a Propaganda machine for the dissemination of propaganda in support of attaining the Globalist dream! A world without America as we know it today is nothing more than a Socialist nightmare of epic proportions! Gramsci knew this empirically.....
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year, 11 months ago
    Unqualified?, mind you, I am not surprised to hear that. I say, she's Overqualified, compared to the ilk that have run the world into the ground.

    Of course, economist don't like her...they were fed Keynes...that's what they tried to shove down my throat back in college...I didn't bite, saying...it seems backward. Did have one professor that brought up Mises...but by that time I already decided what I was going to do with the few bits of value I learned, (Economies of Scale), never intended to be an economist anyway.

    Hope she gets in...
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    • Posted by fosterj717 1 year, 11 months ago
      Absolutely True!! Keynes was also a Fabian Socialist with that skewed belief that strong central planning of the economy was the answer (like in other failed economies). Keynes' influence is such that most economists today share that "blurred" vision and as such are perfectly content to follow that path taking us over the brink of economic destruction!
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  • Posted by 1 year, 11 months ago
    Note that Shelton is an author of
    The Coming Soviet Crash: Gorbachev's Desperate Pursuit of Credit in Western Financial Markets

    Judy Shelton
    Free Press, 1989 - History - 246 pages

    A very cynical examination of the Soviet economy by a research fellow at the Hoover Institution who suggests that glasnost is a con and perestroika a ruse to obtain Western credits that will be invested in an enhanced Soviet military and place Western security at risk.
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    • Posted by fosterj717 1 year, 11 months ago
      Truth be told, Gorbachev's goals were far more sinister than that! The Communists never really stopped their pursuit of hegemony over the western powers and their ruse was little more than a very sophisticated and well thought out game of chess. After Glasnost and Perestroika, the west let its guard down and opened up the spigots of credit. It has worked well. Throw into the fray a sophisticated Socialist movement and the violent demonstrations that are taking their toll. We, as a nation are one election away from caving into the Socialist forces that have been working this program for many years. The fall of Communism was a misnomer and was really a redeployment of resources and a change of strategy! That I believe is the "Ugly Truth".....
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 11 months ago
    If the lamestream media hates her, there's a good chance I'm going to like her. Hearing things like "the primary mission of the Federal Reserve should be a stable money supply" is music to my ears rather than the grating tones of "we're aiming for 2% annual inflation."
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