In re Culturism, The Crusades: A History by Jonathan Riley-Smith

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From Amazon, “ The Crusades: A History is the definitive account of a key topic in medieval and religious history. Jonathan Riley-Smith, a world authority on the subject, explores the organisation of a crusade, the experience of crusading and the crusaders themselves, producing a textbook that is as accessible as it is comprehensive.

This exciting new third edition includes:
- Substantial new material on crusade theory, historiography and translated texts
- An expanded scope that extends the text to cover the decline of crusading in the nineteenth century
- Valuable pedagogical features, such as a revised bibliography, maps, illustrations and a brand new chronology

This book is essential reading for all students and scholars seeking to understand the Crusades and their significance in world history.”

Early on, Riley-Smith tells of Saracens wheeling carts full of disembodied heads through Iberian cities - an early terrorism introduced by the Saracens and Saracen tradition maintained into the Twenty-First Century.

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