Did Rand Copy the Plot of Atlas Shrugged?

Posted by starlisa 6 years ago to Books
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Near as I can tell, the Hasidic story of the "Master of Prayer" is the exact opposite of Atlas Shrugged. A mirror image. It's hard to believe Rand created such a perfect opposite by accident. Is it possible she heard the Master of Prayer story as a child? Perhaps her rejection of it was the thing that got her started on the road that led to Objectivism.
SOURCE URL: http://www.jewishideas.org/articles/john-galt-meets-master-prayer-conflicting-visions-u

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  • Posted by LionelHutz 6 years ago
    There absolutely are similarities in the stories. The idea of the hero gathering other heroes into his quest was something that far predated Rand, but the whole of society being the problem and the escapism that goes along with the recruitment makes for pretty interesting comparisons.
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    • Posted by 6 years ago
      I just skimmed through the full story. The main characters are the Master of Prayer, the Treasurer, and the Mighty Warrior. They map to Galt, Francisco, and Ragnar. And there's the Wise Man they all seem to know, who maps to Hugh Akston. I'd be very surprised if Rand hadn't consciously riffed on this story.
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    • Posted by preimert1 6 years ago
      Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table--Robin Hood and his Merry Men--Jesus and His Deciples...
      even Rev. Jim Jones and Guiana. Many cases of men drawn to causes by a charismatic leader. Nothing new there.
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  • Posted by Hiraghm 6 years ago
    The story of the "Master of Prayer" has the usual disconnect between having wealth and producing wealth. If all wealth is earned in a society, then wealth *should* be a measure of the quality of a man.

    Just my opinion.
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