2 special posts for 1 person. One is by a person who is shadow banned. Therefore, We need to have a community discussion on shadow/permanate Banning.

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months, 1 week ago to Ask the Gulch
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"I told Ewe to go to a place he and the “Objectivistists” don’t believe exists."
Posted by Dobrien 39 minutes ago to Philosophy
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"I have been Shadow banned since. What penalty exists for this so called infraction should exist for this. What [] is reQuired to get reinstated. I have 35661 pts and have been a regular contributor both in discussions and posts. ThanQ for your comments and replies.
Even the offended EWE could say what retribution he requires. A snowflake melts in the heat."

Do we as a community, a Gulch, want Dan/Dobrien reinstated?
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  • Posted by $ 2 months, 1 week ago
    Laughing, the mad downvoter is at it again!
    ...as if it really makes a difference...

    I guess that's the "Real Go to Hell" in 2020
    Must be a Post Modernist...
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    • Comment deleted.
      • Posted by $ 2 months, 1 week ago
        Lots of downvoting and it hasn't caused banning.
        Behavior does and I am trying to have a discussion on where should we draw the line...demeaning someone, calling them stupid, swearing or telling them where to go?

        I don't think telling someone where to go crosses that line...It's not demeaning, it's just another way of saying...go away you bother me, kind of funny if you think about it.

        Yes, we want civil discourse but we all should know when to quit when our message isn't getting across...sometimes it's the messenger or the message and sometimes it's the respondent,

        I am not asking for an immediate response from you, I am just asking all of us to think about that.
        We welcome free expression, so where should we reasonably draw the line.
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        • Posted by $ 2 months, 1 week ago
          Hmm, seems the complainant has deleted his comments...ewe should be part of this conversation.

          Still no comments by admin, someone else needed for this conversation.

          I would ask all, to send admin a note then share your thoughts on this subject and support or not, a reprieve or commutation of Dan/ Dobrien's acceptance back into the Gulch.
          I think John Galt would be in support of Dan seeing that he is a valued Creator.
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  • Posted by $ 2 months, 1 week ago
    Is telling someone where to go really worthy of being shadow banned? Is it as bad as calling someone a name not his own? labeling his state of thinking? or even threatening his existence.
    The latter of which we thankfully have never seen here.

    Sometimes things need to get personal but how personal is the question.

    Let's have a discussion on that point and also, how long should someone be banned for the titled offense.
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  • Posted by $ 2 months, 1 week ago
    We also need to get a lot of thumbs up for this post so that it gets sent to everyone.

    I am going to change the heading to insure that it does...we need everyone's participation.
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  • Posted by $ nickursis 2 months, 1 week ago
    I had this discussion years ago with Scott, when ewv and the other two (I can'tt remember their names) started the harrasment program of "Your not Objective enough". I called Scott to tell him I was quitting, and pulling out, and he convinced me then to stay and stand up. I have had numerous clashed with ewv, and have had to walk away when he was exceeding my obnoxiousness threshold, but Dan was justified in his response. There are other platforms coming online now, that seem to be being run by patriot oriented people who will allow free speech, with common courtesy limits. Time to start looking and evaluating. I have sent my own input to Scott (if he is even admining this anymore).
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