UN Deletes Tweet Supporting Antifa

Posted by $ allosaur 4 months, 1 week ago to News
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A public backlash chased a tweet by so-called "UN human rights experts" about angelic Antifa's rights to having "freedom of expression" and "peaceful assembly."
What clueless clowns! We've all seen videos of how these Leninesque "useful idiots" of our fanatical Socialist Democrats assemble to express their thuggery. Are these same violent videos not shown to the socialist sapheads who run Europe? Maybe they are too busy kissing the bullying behinds of "peacefully assembling" Muslim "refugees."
Once again me dino feels compelled to opine that UN ambassadors should be booted out of the USA and that building we provided for them to spout anti-American "death to Israe"l views be converted into perhaps a homeless shelter.
SOURCE URL: https://headlinewealth.com/un-deletes-tweet-supporting-antifa-after-public-backlash/

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