Beyond small things, here is an assembling of facts and data

Posted by $ nickursis 4 months ago to Culture
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The George Floyd thing has been portrayed as just a murder by a white dirty cop. Watch this 1:28:00 video, where "In Pursuit of Truth" has assembled a whole lot of facts and data. He avoids tying it all up, but that is not what he does, he just presents what is there, that the media never tells you. The background of the event is huge. No one mentioned the little white bag Floyd drops as he is led from his car, nor the weird "shoulder pat" that immediately preceeds his collapse. There seems a huge cast of characters involved and a lot of ties to outside groups, all using race as the divider, then adding in the Muslim religion, and a host of other things. The depth of this is a good indication of whole structure of the efforts to impose a state run empire on all of us. Imagine , what id the creeping federalism has all been a case of drip, drip, drip leading up to the whole idea of only government can make everyone behave?

Please don't bother to comment if you are not going to watch it, since you will not have the framework to understand the idea.

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