Solar - An Undependable Energy Source Saved By Coal Powered Electric Generation, Again

Posted by freedomforall 1 month, 1 week ago to Technology
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"Saturday week ago in Queensland was cold enough to break records. Brisbane “only” made it up to 17.9C (64F). It hasn’t been that cold there in May for 40 years. At the same time a band of cloud covered the populated slice of the state.

The cloud cover meant all the large solar “farms” in Queensland — with a total rated capacity of 1.7GW — produced only 79MW as an aggregate average daily output.

Sunshine State forgets its own branding on Saturday 23rd May 2020

Averaged across the 24 hours in the day yesterday, average aggregate output across all of the Large Solar plant in QLD was a very meagre 79MW only:

1a) Dividing this by an aggregate 1,664MW installed capacity* across the Large Solar plant in QLD this represents a capacity factor the day of just 4.7%

Not surprisingly the same clouds that ruined the large solar farms also wrecked the rooftop solar."
"Queenslanders used 17% more electricity that day than the Saturday a week earlier. It was cold (for Queenslanders) so power use went up at the same time as clouds cut the states main generator.
Coal was, of course, what saved Queensland." (See attached chart)

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month, 1 week ago
    It is as if it were deliberate.
    A weak and unreliable electricity generation system degrades state and national energy systems, undermines the national economy, and thence institutions and sovereignty.

    There are other issues here, such as coal, coal powered generation, emission control, and the economic life of power stations. These are technical matters.

    At the heart of the matter are questions, do we want:
    -electrical power or do we want to shiver in the dark?
    -to use our vast resource of local energy or buy ineffective windmills from China with money we don't have?
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    • Posted by 1 month, 1 week ago
      "use our vast resource of local energy or buy ineffective windmills from China with money we don't have?"
      Well, most Australians are convinced that Obama was God's gift to mankind although Obama (allied with many other wealthy statists in positions of power in the West) tried to destroy the coal fed power of the world that keeps the lights on.
      America has been buying overpriced gadgets from China with money we don't have for a generation and look at the result.
      C'mon, Australia, follow Obama, the Bush(s), and the Clinton's lead and destroy your economy. Join the serfs of the Western world.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago
    Imagine clouds cutting off electricity needed by cars that don't run on deplorable fossil fuels that when used will always will end the world in 12 years.
    That scenario combined with overcast days that don't want to be windy.
    Oh, what's a Dumbocrat environmentalist to do?
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  • Posted by rhfinle 1 month ago
    When they had the fires in California last fall, I saw a Tesla charging station in an area with no electricity, being powered by a big diesel generator.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 1 month ago
    I was going to ask how many nuclear power plants are in Austrialia, I was shocked that there are none due to a government ban on them. Also, I just looked up geothermal power plants there again the answer is none! I have a hard time believing that the only backup power supply is 24 coal fired plants. If Australia wants to keep going this way their citizens are going to have speak up. I looked up residential solar battery storage there and that's just being introduced. Residential lithium power cells will only last a few hours in an emergency situation. by the time Australia has all those in residences battery technology will have advanced to carbon composite batteries that can store more electrical power. See: Robert Murray-Smith YouTube Videos. I will being doing some experimentation in that area.
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    • Posted by 1 month ago
      Australia unfortunately drank the GW koolaid. They have enough coal to last about 400 years if they use it for all power needs, but the majority are unwilling to question the unproven GW (renamed CC) theories.
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 1 month ago
    I conferred with officials from the local electric cooperative. One half of the return on residential solar comes from subsidies. In Washington State, there is a large pot of cash allocated to these Renewable Subsidies. What the nit-wits with home solar do not care to realize, is that their taxes (as well as national taxes in terms of Federal subsidies) are eventually going to come out of their pockets, either in direct future taxation or via ginned up fiat money which creates inflation which results in the insidious hidden tax of higher prices on all goods and services.

    I also see home solar as virtue signalling.
    Virtue Signaling (verb): A toddler's way of mouthing variants of "I Care" and "I'm better than you."

    What's more -- the power production graphs are disingenuous ... if you were to "zoom in" on the actual data, you would see that solar power oscillates on a daily basis (no power at night) -- and that would bring into focus the fact that solar has known phases where it is impotent.
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    • Posted by rhfinle 1 month ago
      I live in SC. Duke Energy has a small nuclear power plant near a couple of lakes. A hydroelectric generator augments the nuclear at peak usage hours. At night, when the load goes down, they use the extra (nuclear) power to pump water back into the upper lake, thus using the lake system as a rechargeable battery. Maybe Australia could do something similar.
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      • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
        Australia has good amounts of uranium, exploration and new mining are banned.
        Queensland has relatively new coal stations and masses of top quality coal.

        Two years ago there was a scheme similar to rhfinle's suggestion. It proposed using wind and solar (the renewable unreliables) to pump water up as part of an enlargement of the big Snowy Hydro Scheme. On paper a candidate for proper analysis. I got hold of the feasibility study, there was one chapter withheld (commercial in confidence or some such), the financial analysis. It has never been released, the only reason has to be that it is nowhere near break-even.

        The obvious candidate, building a new coal station is not politically acceptable. So instead there are unreliables backed up with diesel.
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