Lancet and New England Journal retract scathing {Studies} of HCQ.

Posted by Dobrien 1 month, 1 week ago to History
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4 Jun 2020 - 3:45:35 PM
When media and [D] elected officials [coordinate] [knowingly] attempt to prevent a 'medically verifiable' solution [prevention] re: COVID-19 [prev_death] we enter a STATE OF CRISIS.
When [D] elected officials [coordinate] [knowingly] push COVID-19 positive 'elderly' patients into nursing homes [HOT SPOT(s)_ most at risk] we enter a STATE OF CRISIS.
Your life means nothing to them [sheep].
You are a vote when it matters and a dollar sign when it does not.

Wake up! We are in an “Uncivil War” Truly an information war. The Media your enemy. They have knowingly pushed an agenda of lies that has cost countless lives. They cover up an intentional spread of infections to the most vulnerable population. They lie about theCURE.
The conspire no theory it is a fact. The are openly calling to have our President overthrown.
Is a pledge or oath meaningless......? To uphold and defend the Constitution of the USA from enemies at home or abroad. FUQ The traitors.

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  • Posted by term2 1 month ago
    If it works, use it. We cant really say that in regards to a lot of chemotherapy, can we? A lot of it simply doesnt work, but its "approved"
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