Should the US economy be trusted to a 79 year old lifetime government employee? The Fauci Timeline — Sorting Fact From Fiction

Posted by freedomforall 3 days, 6 hours ago to Politics
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Fauci is 79 years old. Why are we even considering his advice as valid? He has flip flopped on so many occasions that he should have no credibility whatsoever.
imo, Fauci should have retired 20 years ago before his mental facilities declined so precipitously. Even that is giving Fauci more than ample credit. He has been a government employed looter for decades. He hasn't had to produce anything useful in 30 years and his motives are suspect.

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  • Posted by Lucky 2 days, 14 hours ago
    Yes and no:
    79 yo - what a great age for accumulated knowledge and wisdom
    flip flopped - yes, some reverses that cannot be real change of opinion
    mental decline- not sure about that, more like ethical decline
    suspect motives - no, no need to suspect, it is known.
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