A Silver Lining, by Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic

Posted by $ straightlinelogic 1 week, 6 days ago to Philosophy
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Fighting for one’s freedom and all that flows from it is selfish, profoundly so. If you don’t fight for that which is yours—the individual rights that are the essential condition of your existence—who’s going to do it for you? Anthony Fauci? Bill Gates? Nancy Pelosi? President Trump? Joe Biden? George Soros? Jerome Powell? Adam Schiff? Mark Zuckerberg? Eric Schmidt? Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? When was the last time you even heard the term “individual rights” in polite, mainstream discourse? When individual rights are mentioned at all, they’re treated as a quaint anachronism.

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  • Posted by edweaver 1 week, 6 days ago
    Another excellent summation of our current circumstances! Staying sane is becoming more difficult by each edict forced upon us.

    If I'm ever questioned by law enforcement for not following a rule, there is one question I shall be asking. I will ask, " out of curiosity, I need to know if you are prepared to kill people to enforce these rules"? My hope with the question will be to get them thinking of where these rules and tactics are headed. I'm afraid we are on this path until they start shooting people in the street. Then and only then, will there be a chance that people start to push back.

    Do you think we have a chance?
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    • Posted by $ 1 week, 6 days ago
      We always have a chance. The rule of brute force never lasts, especially when it is opposed, overtly and covertly, by those who want their freedom and their lives enough to risk their freedom and their lives for it.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 week, 4 days ago
    It's not selfish, it's Celfish, just as every cell in your body is responsible for it's own survival, so too, is the community of cells we call You.

    Democracies fail when they become too democratic where anything goes, but democracies also fail when they become UNdemocratic where nothing goes.
    An Evil system it is, indeed.
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  • Posted by $ puzzlelady 1 week, 4 days ago
    Robert, it is always a pleasure to read your beautifully formed sentences and perfectly reasoned logic. A straight line, indeed. We adherents of individual rights are a pathetic minority in a world of envious, predatory demanders who have the nerve to call us selfish if we don't give in to their selfish demands. As a Martian anthropologist, I find the whole spectacle fascinating. Thank you for being an eloquent defender of individual freedom.
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  • Posted by mia767ca 1 week, 4 days ago
    hey Robert...99% of the world's population will get corona virus and 99% will not even know it...mitigation or face masks will not stop it..but it is not the killer the media and govt would have you believe...
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  • Posted by Herb7734 1 week, 3 days ago
    I cannot help but agree with Mr. Gore. Way back in March I wrote, in a reply to a post , pretty much the same thing only much less erudite. The entire corona virus appearance smells of 3 day old fish. There is no one on the horizon who can defeat The Donald who is a gaudy, theatrical, self promoter par excellance, who is also (mygawd) a truth-teller.If he was either one or the other, he would not be as dangerous to the establishment as he is, but currently, he must be defeated at all. People were actually becoming self sufficient - and at a rapid pace. If it continued, there would be much less need for government, and where would the power go? To the people? Never! Mr. Gore treads carefully and raises suppositions without getting overly passionate. Just enough to pique the curiosity of mugwumps and get those who have fallen over the fence and use "straight line logic" in their thinking, to begin to act.
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