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  • Posted by Lucky 1 month ago
    Good thinking here. I like the comments of CharlesRAnderson. He points out that capitalism does not preclude cooperation. I would go further and say that voluntary cooperation gives vast potential for productivity without diminishing freedoms.
    Consider- contract, a type of cooperation.

    Altruism- maybe the biggest problem is the pretense of the political class /deep state of acting for the common good while in reality self-serving. Yes I am a cynic.
    Note that individuals pretend to go along with sacrifice for the common good, but voting and buying decisions disagree with what is said.
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    • Posted by $ blarman 1 month ago
      I think one of the most poisonous notions out there is that there exists a "good" which puts one individual's priorities lower on the scale than some bureaucrat's notions about "everyone". There is no "everyone" without the individual! That's what to me is so backwards about this fear-based approach to the virus. Allow individuals at risk (mostly the elderly with pre-existing conditions) to self-quarantine without punishment. Allow individual establishments to apply good operating practices. But goodness! End these overkill "stay-at-home" orders and let people get back to life.
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  • Posted by 1 month ago
    All your comments are welcome, for sure. As the declared emergency is extended and extended, the question arises: How do our politicians think people survive? How do they get by? And the festivities of togetherness get more elaborate. Now, President Trump is standing for "back to work," and his enemies are standing for lockdown. My new book, "Why Trump's Enemies Fail" is out in Kindle most for reactions from my friends. Before I ipublish it for real, I need an essay on the impeach trial and now the use of the pandemic tragecy to defeat Trump...
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  • Posted by Abaco 1 month ago
    Excellent little editorial.

    I find that I often have discussions with my kids about this topic. I'm raising them to think independently and they are often stumped by the messages they receive from school and media.
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