Are coronavirus lockdowns working?

Posted by freedomforall 1 month ago to News
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The eight U.S. states that have still not issued statewide shelter-in-place ordinances are below the national average in coronavirus cases and deaths, per capita.

"This is insanity," Carlson concluded. "It is definitely not science. This is not science. It has nothing to do with the public’s health, much less the broader public interest. This is instead what happens when mediocre people suddenly find themselves with God-like power: deciding who can go outside, when people can get married, which medical procedures you’re allowed to have. That’s a feeling of omnipotence, and they like that feeling. It fills an empty place inside. They don’t want to give it up. They want it to last forever, even as the country dies. But it can’t last forever. Because it’s not their country. It’s ours."

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  • Posted by MikePusatera 1 month ago
    I do not believe the lockdowns have anything to do with long term political agendas. I do think they are the wrong policy. Covid-19 and any other flu cannot be stopped completely. If the circles are too tight then not enough healthy people are getting through it As we go along we need more people to get it and create the antibodies so they are not carriers. We will not know the answer for another 3 months but I think the states without lock downs and people practicing distancing and the other protocols will get through this crisis as fast as the other states and without the economic damage
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