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Posted by $ nickursis 6 months ago to Government
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Look at where your money is and how much, then look at the current situation, and act accordingly. Although we may wake up to find Fed notes worthless, it's better than the insult of some runaway bank taking half and giving you an "IOU"...smells too much like Social Security.....

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  • Posted by fosterj717 6 months ago
    Well! You thank the scoundrels in Congress. When they started expanding the power of the Fed and started covering up for criminal behavior by certain large money center banks and their officers, you knew the "Fix" was in and some of these banks own a good number of foreign governments via their loans, etc. Wasn't it Jefferson who once said "A central bank is more dangerous than a standing army......"? Well! I'd say he hit the nail on the head!
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  • Posted by BCRinFremont 6 months ago
    On 4/5/1933, Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102, which basically made owning all but a small portion of gold illegal. I kind of remember that even gold in safety deposit boxes was at risk of confiscation. I think a federal agent had to be present whenever a box was opened.

    There is no safe place when Socialism takes hold. If you have something and someone else “needs” it, they have the “right” to take it.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 6 months ago
    For the Record "Barney Frank" Created this mess and then was called a Genius for the "Dodd Frank" crap to fix it all up...

    Yep. Your deposits at a bank are THEIR assets, and can be converted to "stock shares" if they fail (meaning the stock will be worthless, and odds are you will get the OLD price, LOL).

    That's why they DO NOT want cash transactions, and people keep cash at home. But if you don't you could be totally screwed!
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  • Posted by GaryL 6 months ago
    We received our government Hush Money last Wednesday and don't even want any Gov. help other than for them to get the hell out of our way.
    Given the way communism is coming back in favor both outside and inside the US I would feel much safer with a good supply of ammo over a good supply of precious metals. When the SHTF and you buy a loaf of bread with your $1700 $50.00 gold coin how will the vendor give you change? If you trade your $50.00 coin at the bank it has a face value of exactly $50.00 and they are obligated to give you no more for it. I would trade a brick of .22LR ammo for every gold coin you have. We live in the country that is the Top Dog in the pack right now and no other country is satisfied being second.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 6 months ago
    Yes, was aware many years ago...I elected to stop all direct deposits, changed my savings to a UTM account, (under the mattress) and only put in what I need to pay the bills...everyone thought I was crazy back in 2012 when I made that decision.
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  • Posted by bobsprinkle 6 months ago
    Actually, I have not received my $1200 yet. IRS/gov has my autodeposit info. My girlfriend has gotten hers. What is the story out in the Gulch.
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    • Posted by $ gharkness 6 months ago
      We got our deposit on April 15 (poetic justice, or it would be if they weren't giving me back MY OWN money).

      For us it ...doesn't matter. I am sorry to see that lots of people who actually need the money are not getting their deposits. I have no idea why, but it strikes me also that people who really need this, might better invest some of it in a money management course. (I am thinking my 20-year-old granddaughter, not most of us here). You know, how to learn to live below your means, so that a check from Uncle Sam of $1,200 will be unnecessary at virtually any time.
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  • Posted by $ Commander 6 months ago
    Dodd Frank is filled with interesting mechanisms. A friend of mine in the early 2000s' filed and claimed his "exemption" from The Corporation of The US. This was done through the Uniform Commercial Code. He reclaimed his sovereignty as a natural born citizen, as in prior to 1913. He became exempt from income taxation. Prior to 1913 only Federal employees were required to pay. With the passing of Dodd Frank the banks became nationalized. He happened to be working for US Bank at the time. His employment voided his exemption.

    Regarding physical gold and silver holdings, the anti-hoarding laws, I assert, shall be used by the government to shore up holdings of banks .... in mutual interest, should the potential of a collapse ensue. Also these elements are now commodity in manufacturing and subject to the ups and downs of supply /demand in the electronics industry primarily. I don't think gold and silver can be used as an underpinning of a monetary system other than through belief. As long as a group agrees that this will be the medium of exchange and that a specified "amount" shall have a "specific" base value accepted in trade between dissimilar occupations it will work. I would, pardon the pun, have to weigh this against Fact versus Reality if I were to go shopping.
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    • Posted by Burtb0 6 months ago
      FDR needed to control the gold, because the concept of Fiat currency was not fully accepted yet.

      Not worried that Gov will take my Gold.
      They don't need it.

      They figured out how to get most of the world working with Fiat currency.

      Fiat Currency only works until the 1,000 richest people in the world demand a change. As long as the top find the concept useful, it will keep getting propped up. The Richest still respect contracts (80% of the time), between themselves. They have rigged the system to cover their losses. Wonder what will happen to Richard Branson (Virgin)

      The reason the corruption "works" is that too many people have a lot to lose if it fails. (there are over 1 million people,making over 300k a year, in the Wash.D.C area, who would suffer grave economic impact, if the system of "Lobbyist for hire" failed. There are another 1-2 mill spread across the USA who would suffer similar impact)

      Incentives have to be aligned so that not just good people, but Malign people are incentivized to do the right thing.
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