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Posted by $ straightlinelogic 4 months ago to Government
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Finally, there’s the most significant cost of all: the police state is here; whatever was left of our precious liberty is gone. As carte blanche for the open-ended suppression of what remains of our rights, the Global War on Germs (GWOG) far surpasses the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Like the GWOT, the GWOG will be forever, since you can never vanquish either terror or germs. However, the GWOG opens up new avenues of repression that go far beyond GWOTists’ wildest fantasies. The GWOG takes away not just people’s liberty, but their livelihoods, their means of survival. There’s a reason why jobs are called livelihoods: they allow people to live. Consider the alternative. The GWOGists embrace it.

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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 4 months ago
    Great Essay, thanks for sharing. I am in agreement about the 1913 Fed Reserve issue. G Edward Griffith wrote Creature of Jekyl island.
    He also interviewed Norman Dodd . Anyone serious about the start of where this country went wrong should listen carefully to this.
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  • Posted by edweaver 4 months ago
    Another fantastic article of truth!

    I came to the realization last weekend, that it's a damn shame all the people who stormed the beaches of Normandy have likely now died in vain. Had they turned and ran, they may have survived but we'd be in that same position today as we are now. Just would have been the German controlling our lives instead of our own countrymen. What a bunch of cowards most Americans have become. I may need a gulch soon.
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  • Posted by $ puzzlelady 4 months ago
    This is not a time to feel helpless and hopeless. This is the time to "find a need and fill it." Those who work at home already have it made. Those who CAN work at home, see what you can make or do in exchange for something you need. Trade, barter, exchange--back to basics. Run errands for neighbors, or walk their dog, Or read a terrific article like this one by SLL and make a little contribution (though he seems to have plenty of ads we have to put up with), or write something yourself that makes the world a little better. And think about what you'll do when things change. Just watch out for the con artists and scammers who promise that you can make millions in a month at home. Be creative and honest. Think! Find a need...
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    • Posted by $ 3 months, 4 weeks ago
      As usual what you write conveys your wisdom. Sorry about the ads on the site. They don't make me much money, maybe I should consider getting rid of them. SLL certainly isn't my day job. I helping my 82-year-old mother through all this. She can't even leave her house. She's got more spunk than legions of mask-wearing youngsters so she'll be just fine. Stay healthy.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 4 months ago
    Great essay Robert! You hit it right out of the park. I'm thank that I live in semi-rural Arizona. Quite a number of residents are making a lot of noise to have our city council to have the police stopping out of area visitors and turning them from our small city.
    The propaganda surrounding Covid19 is scaring the population of this country. There is no truth to be had during this pan-epidemic. There could be an out-right revolt due to cabin fever!
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