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  • Posted by Abaco 3 months ago
    Just yesterday my wife had the tv on and she said, "How does this compare to the flu?" I asked, "In terms of death rate?" "Yes." The number on the screen was around 17,000. I'd expect the flu to kill about 3 to 4 times that each year. Not even close. Yet, look at the media coverage. It's pretty disappointing. Now, around here they're starting to ban fishing, threatening to close the golf courses. I think there will be a lot of media resistance if Trump tries to open anything up. There will be resistance to whatever he suggests, though - except maybe more wealth redistribution. Get your check yet? No, me neither...
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    • Posted by freedomforall 3 months ago
      So today the stock market is soaring because the fed is backing the banks to LOAN $2 trillion more to businesses
      (under 10,000 employees and <$2.5billion sales). More profits to banksters with no risk.
      And the small businesses get screwed again with more debt created from nothing. Same old, same old. Wash and repeat.
      Tomorrow if the businesses tell banks more debt isn't an option, the markets will drop again.
      Just what Wall St wants, more volatility= more profits.
      Who owns the businesses when they can't pay the debt service? The fed? The government?
      Back door to socialist ownership of production?

      What's the end game?
      Keep the balls in the air until a war can be created.
      Destroy half the world and put people to work rebuilding again, just like the 1930-1940's.
      I expect some new terrorist attack soon- supposedly backed by China, or at least backed by Iran or N Korea.
      Who has the imaginary WMD's this time?
      How many times do we have to see this happen before we learn and act against the cartel?
      As long as I get my $1200, let's send some young innocent men to die for nothing. AGAIN.
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      • Posted by Abaco 3 months ago
        Well said.

        I'm raising my kids to think beyond our borders. Because, there's no way our kids can afford what we've been doing. And...any check I get was my money previously. I'll just be getting less of it....

        We started as colonies. Became a nation. Now, we're just a big government. Like a tree that's 90% mistletoe.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 3 months ago
    Trump is, at his best, a good salesman.
    Good salesmen try to get the customer to see the best side of a situation.
    That is the opposite of what the media are doing. They want everyone to be afraid and cowering in fear. That is their best hope of getting Trump out of office.
    At the moment NY really needs good news. Their governor wants to be POTUS so he is trying to sell that he has been the one to lead NY out of the desert to the land of milk and honey. He criticizes everything that Trump does and tries to take credit for any improvement while blaming Trump for any problem.
    The fact is that NY is not testing any of the cases of COVID19 that are not in the hospital. Those that recover at home are ignored. That makes the % of serious cases seem higher and the % of death seem higher. It ignores the possibility that COVID19 is more like a regular flu for many, possibly most, people. As Trump was saying repeatedly until several weeks ago.
    It isn't entirely political though. It does keep the hospitals from being overrun by people who do not yet need hospital treatment.

    Should most of the red counties with low detection rates be open for business?
    Maybe so, if those vulnerable to COVID19 are protected from the virus. Protect those over 60 and those otherwise vulnerable and open up some areas. Mask wearing required.
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