Why Are Usurers and Money Changers History's Most Reviled?

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From Yaron Brook's and Don Watkins Book - In Pursuit of Wealth, The Moral Case for Finance. "The profit motive is the producer’s motive. It is the desire to prosper, to spearhead the invention of new values that raise our standard of living. Each individual has to produce wealth in order to live and enjoy his own life."
SOURCE URL: https://www.centerforindividualism.org/poetic-justice-warrior-john-bogle-mines-economic-value-in-markets-and-reputational-value-in-minds/

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  • Posted by $ 5 months ago
    Thanks, it was important to establish the philosophical attributes of money and finance to put Bogle's achievement in perspective. Non profits breathe money, producers create wealth.
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