GOP senators incensed by Schiff's 'head on a pike' remark

Posted by $ nickursis 4 weeks, 1 day ago to Government
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“Not only have I never heard the ‘head on the pike’ line," Collins said in a statement, "but also I know of no Republican senator who has been threatened in any way by anyone in the administration.”

This is hilarious, to finally be so insulted, and told yet another lie to your face, that YOU KNOW did not happen, yet you just spent 5 days being bored out of your skulls listening to drivel, all about the same exact type of thing "Trump said this, or this, or this" stuff? The hilarious part is Susan Collins wass one of the few the lamestream said would maybe be persuaded by this charade...not anymore. Good job alienating your audience Shiffty....

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  • Posted by $ exceller 4 weeks ago
    The little sh*t is fully aware he is toast and ho has nothing to lose, so let's throw in ANYTHING before the noose tightens.

    Same trick he used before misquoting the president's call to Zelensky and when called to the mat, he admitted it was a parody. Isn't it fun?

    After all he should entertain himself, otherwise he'd be bored to death by the charade the Dems are putting on.
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  • Posted by NealS 2 weeks, 4 days ago
    Really sick, they continue to dig the hole deeper and deeper. Only a few resignations (Schiff, Schumer, ect.) could now possibly bail them out now, and perhaps some national apologies. Of course politicians never admit they were wrong. I heard Trump admit he was wrong a few times already, but then again he's not a politician.
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