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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    The Charles Lieber case and the coronavirus situations may be linked:

    Now that I did a little more investigating, I remember seeing this story from many years ago:

    “We want to find a single virus before it finds you,” says Charles Lieber, Hyman Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University. Tests recently completed in his laboratory show that these unimaginably thin nanowires can sense and distinguish between viruses that cause flu, measles, and eye infections. Lieber believes future versions will be able to spot HIV, Ebola, SARS, West Nile, hepatitis, bird flu, and other dangerous viruses.

    “Viruses are among the most important causes of human disease and are of increasing concern as agents for bioterrorism,” Lieber says. “Our work shows that nanoscale silicon wires can be configured as detectors that turn on or off in the presence of a single virus particle. Such detectors could be fashioned into arrays capable of sensing thousands of different viruses, ushering in a new era for diagnoses, biosafety, and quick response to viral outbreaks.” ....

    Surfaces of the nanowires, through which a minute current flows, hold specks of protein (antibodies) to which specific viruses bind. These antibodies, produced naturally by the immune system, can be attached to the surface of the nanowires, and they will, in turn, bind viruses. Such binding causes a change in current, which signals the presence of a virus or viruses, like a burglar alarm detecting intruders. ....

    "Lieber’s team now plans to work on a larger detector, one that could sense up to 100 different viruses simultaneously. Such an array will make it more likely that the federal government and/or private companies will act to move this exciting new technology from a Harvard basement laboratory to a factory floor."
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