Ex-FBI unit chief blows whistle on Comey, McCabe over warrantless spying | Just The News

Posted by $ nickursis 7 months, 3 weeks ago to Government
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Uh OH. You mean a "conspiracy theory" like QAnon, who said this same thing many times, and Trump, who has said this many times, were right? Oh my.....spying on your own people...how shruggy....
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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    Why should we believe him?
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    • Posted by $ 7 months, 3 weeks ago
      He was the point man for the whole program. It was designed after 911 to catch terrorists and is the foundation of the whole need for a FISA court. He ran the thing for the FBI, using NSA materials. It failed to do much on the terrorists front, but offered a huge volume of citizen information, which, coincidentally was funneled to Brennans C_A supercomputer "The Hammer", which was designed to find the tidbits needed for blackmail of anyone they needed. Connections...connections....
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    • Posted by ewv 7 months, 2 weeks ago
      The extent of the mass surveillance by NSA and associated agencies was revealed in 2013 with the Snowden document dump. Other leakers had previously revealed aspects of the problem, and others continue to do so on a smaller, lesser known scale.

      Agency spying on the Trump campaign and its use for political purposes has been known for years. Journalist John Solomon's latest podcast interview with a retired FBI official on government spying, on which this article was based, is only the latest.

      Edward Snowden saw that the inititial 'leakers' had been brutally persecuted and that their reports through legitimate channels had been ignored. He concluded that it would take a massive public dump of agency documents to prove it with credibility that could not be smeared and dismissed. So in 2013 he did it in a way that could not be ignored.

      You can read an analysis of the current situation with mass surveillance as of 2015 in Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath, a very well-written and well-documented book covering both government and corporate mass surveillance policies and practice. https://www.amazon.com/Data-Goliath-B...

      In the parts of the book on government mass surveillance he covers both its extent and its failure to catch real terrorists and why, aspects of which the Solomon interview now also confirms.

      Schneier is a well known, respected security expert with an international reputation. He was an expert consultant on the interpretation of the Snowden document dump for the initial series of reports in the Guardian. He sold his security company to IBM and is currently affiliated with Harvard Law School. He has a blog and monthly newsletter at http://Schneier.com.

      Click Here to Kill Everybody is his 2018 update on the massive problems with privacy and security in the internet, the cell phone network, and all kinds of wireless connections as their use explodes to connect everything. https://www.amazon.com/Click-Here-Kil...

      This is about government and corporate policy and practice that have evolved pervasively for over 25 years as all the advances in technology everyone is familiar with have also been exploited in a concentrated, systematic manner for both government and corporate surveillance and control on a massive scale covering everything from all kinds of politics to personal finances.

      It is about public policy and the form in which technology is evolving, not a justification for crackpot "conspiracy theories" by those with no credibility now trying to ride the coat tails of serious reporting. That there are serious problems in this country does not excuse the various anti-intellectual fringers seeking attention for their subjectivism while pretending that serious analysis is nothing new and pretending that it justifies everything they speculate.
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      • Posted by $ 7 months, 2 weeks ago
        Considering you are talking about a program created in the wake of 911 to catch terroists, and used by both political parties to spy on citizens, including members of Congress, and a Presidential candidate, who would you then say is crafting this capability? Or do you think Democrats and Republicans gone on board together to do it? Your data supports the concept of the Deep State, in that such a group owes allegiance to no party but itself, just using them to get things like this in place.
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        • Posted by ewv 7 months, 2 weeks ago
          The trend firmly entrenched by the Patriot Act in 2001 had begun with and evolved from surveillance abuses by J Edgar Hoover long before and not restricted to "terrorists" or even foreigners. In the 1990s there was a big battle in which the U.S. government tried to ban encryption; NSA, FBI, etc. are still pushing for that.

          Mass surveillance was not "crafted" in secret, it evolved on a statist premise as technology made it possible, inevitably becoming more extreme, supposedly for the good of the country (and beyond the limits of law, let alone the Constitution).

          Part of the motive to increase the surveillance to a mass scale was the belief that even if it wouldn't catch many terrorists if at all, they had to show that they had "done everything possible" so they wouldn't be blamed for whatever did happen.

          That is a typical bureaucratic attitude, for example also in the FDA where they find it "safer" to zealously deny approvals rather than be blamed if something goes wrong.

          It was the same mentality of those responsible for the Taggart Tunnel disaster, in which bureaucrats installed under Directive 10-289 were pressured to get something done 'somehow', and put most of their efforts into shifting responsibility in the same game, all in an ugly anti-rational mind set.

          There has always been a "Deep State"'; it is what used to be called "The Bureaucracy", and behaves accordingly. It doesn't begin with a conspiratorial desire to take over the country from within. They adopt a growing bureaucratic mission mentality, encouraged and made possible by increasing powers and mandates.

          When Comey, Strzok, and the rest of them were exposed we did not see cowering conspirators who knew they were guilty; we saw hysterical self righteousness of 'soldiers' doing their "duty" for the Cause of protecting the nation from the Evil Trump -- who "must" have been doing something criminally wrong.

          They confused their ideology and their sanctimonious duty mentality with the proper function of government, made possible by both an ideology of collectivist-statism and the growth of bureaucratic government powers that should never have existed.

          It's not much different than the ideologues in the National Park Service (for its entire lifetime of over a century), the EPA, and other viro agencies ruthlessly seizing private property with the mission mentality of "the Service" or denying permission in order to save a swamp (a real swamp) to "Protect The Resource".

          They are all doing pure evil in the name of a false Good, ruthlessly using powers to destroy people, power that no one should have, while hiding beyond false public imagery emotionally appealing to scenery and "saving the environment" -- or saving people from evil drug companies as the patient succumbs to deadly disease in order to save him -- or as Good Democrats saving the country from Trump.
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          • Posted by $ 7 months, 2 weeks ago
            I actually agree with your entire post. I believe though, that while the deep state has existed for a long time, it is, and still is trying to, utilize all of the above for it's own ends, almost all your points of abuse are exactly what we see in other "organizations" such as UN, and it's minions, World Bank, IMF, etc. All designed to remove freedom of the individual, and bow to the state, in which these people running these thing, always seem to get rich off of, and are part of the elite "true rulers"....
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            • Posted by ewv 7 months, 2 weeks ago
              The bureaucracy is not an "it" acting as if it were living entity with it's own "ends". This is an organizational phenomenon with individuals sharing the same bad premises, many of them acting more or less independently but in predictable ways within the environment they share and thrive in (also known as swamp) -- not an organized conspiracy for a single purpose. They expand mass surveillance because they can as technology makes it easier.

              They're running things because they have been put there to run different things and like doing that, and there isn't anything to stop them the way the government is now re-structured with the bureaucracy as the fourth branch. Many of them are now "ordinary people" who don't know any better and follow along.

              They are everywhere, hundreds of thousands of them, in a system set up and endorsed by the kind of politicians we have, who in turn are egged on and justified by the kind of intellectuals we have in the media, in the schools and everywhere else, all affecting the ideas of those who vote and make corporate decisions.

              It's what happens in the form of collective action, the emergent pattern, within a society afflicted with the spread of bad premises and bad "philosophic" outlook, growing worse for more than a century.

              It's why we see it in all the other organizations you mention. Most of them don't think explicitly in terms of destroying the principle of individual freedom, which they don't understand. Individualism is only in the way of what they do naturally in accordance with their own sense of life and intellectual rationalizations.

              With that kind of pervasive irrationalism and lack of ethics, of course there is rampant corruption, with them all clawing for power and some of them getting rich off someone else.
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