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  • Posted by $ mshupe 8 months ago
    Walter, don't you know that claiming Africa, Asia, and Latin America are dominated by near-anarchy systems of political gangs enriching themselves is racist? That only organized socialism can change it? That making it worse does not negate their moral principles? This article is great example of the complexity worship of postmodern collectivism, us poor dumb slobs are not smart enough to understand their omniscience.
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    • Posted by 8 months ago
      Now, if I had quoted Pulitzer Prize winning poet and an architect on the United Nations, Archibald MacLeish, on Latin Americans: "...and all of them with the Indian look in their eyes, like a cat killing..." THAT would RACIST. Maybe?

      Thanks for your great comment.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 8 months ago
    Excellent article. Thanks for entering it in the Gulch.

    There are civilizations that allow the free creation of billionaires that have penthouses atop sky scrapers where they and the populace drink clean water, eat healthy food, and have long lifespans. Then there are civilizations that keep the populace living in grass huts with dirt floors where they drink dirty water, eat garbage food, and have short miserable lifespans. Apparently Oxfam's solution to this seeming inequality is to tear down the billionaire creating civilizations and force everyone into the grass hut with dirt floor existence. They just don't understand that they will not succeed in converting the grass hut into a penthouse by destroying all the penthouses.
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