The Young Have Nothing to Lose But Their Chains, by Robert Gore | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

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There is another way that will do much more for them. Instead of voting for supposedly “free” stuff for which they’ll wind up paying, the younger generation would be far better served by repudiating the older generation’s debt and unfunded liabilities. By refusing to be debt slaves to pay for their elders’ entitlement promises to themselves, and for the forever wars they’ve waged since World War II (which the younger generation is now expected to fight), the younger generation could opt for a clean slate. There is already an undercurrent from the fringes promoting debt jubilees and the like.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 10 months ago
    If the IQ of our supposed "public servants" was higher than their temperature, they'd be promoting an end to the social programs for those over the accepted working age.
    It would have been easier 30 years ago, but bite the bullet. Pay off everyone who has paid in to the SS con and phase out "free" medical care for the elderly over 20 years. Pass a constitutional amendment that bans such programs forever. Today is the easiest its going to get to do this. Every day of delay will make it more difficult.
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