Millenials want to ban Secret Santa. Why? It gives them anxiety.

Posted by $ rainman0720 2 years ago to Culture
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My God, has it really come to this? If these clowns don't want to participate in this kind of gift giving, THEN THEY DON'T HAVE TO. Nobody is putting a gun to their little snowflake heads and forcing them to go out and buy a $20 gift.

There are times when I think to myself "I'm glad I'll be dead and gone before this country descends into utter and unstoppable insanity."

There are other times (like this) when I think "Ooops. Too late."

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  • Posted by exceller 2 years ago
    I became numb to these news of what we can expect from millennials as they come out daily.

    I realized that this is nothing else but pushing out the age of puberty to the 20s-30s.

    Children, at least when I grew up, reached maturity of judgement by age of 18-19. Hence they can vote.

    With the advent of the left playing an ever larger significance in the setting of lifecycle goals for young people, and taking over the "thinking" activity through high school teachers and lefty college professors so they would not have to, this is the result.

    Let's see where it leads them.

    It is not an accepted phenomenon, yet. At my workplace, it is not.

    A lot of water will flow down the Mississippi until this becomes anxiety. The snowflakes may grow up by that time.
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