The Root Cause of the Australian Mega-Fires

Posted by Vinay 6 months ago to Culture
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The Consequences of Appeasement

Inextinguishable mega-fires in Australia are caused solely by the Government's appeasement of the Green-Media alliance.

"Climate racketeers saw in the latest bushfire crisis of lost firefighter and civilian lives, plus the ravaged wildlife, forests, and property, an opportunity to score points for climate change.”

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  • Posted by edweaver 6 months ago
    I received the following a week or so ago from a person who is in an owners group I'm in. He's from Australia. Adds more credibility to this subject.

    "I have been getting a few enquiries about how we are being affected by the bush fires here in Australia.

    We are fine so far, we had a round of fires in our nearby ranges some weeks ago and we are hoping they do not come back.

    Our shop is on The Gold Coast in the State of Queensland, about halfway up the East Coast of Australia, just south of Brisbane.

    Where we are is not densely wooded. Most of the current fires are south of us in the States of NSW and Victoria.

    Whilst there has been tragic loss of human and animal life and property the fires are not new to us and were much worse in 2009 and over the decades before that. We are a vast dry country and our eucalyptus trees burn fiercely as you will have seen in some areas of California where they imported these trees from us many years ago.

    For some reason it seems the global media has chosen this time to extensively cover these fires.

    These fires are nearly all started by humans and I hear there have been over 200 arrests and releases. Lightening is really the only other thing that starts bush fires and there has basically been no lightening.

    The intensity of the fires is also exacerbated by legislation passed 20 years ago that prohibits traditional clearing of the forest floor as well as back burning so the fire load is higher than in the past.

    Thankfully so far the fires have avoided major metropolitan areas and there has been some rain which is the one thing we really need.

    And we are very thankful for the Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders who have come over here to help us fight the fires, greatly appreciated by all Australians. Thanks guys.

    Main thing is we are fine as I am sure are most city printers around the country at this time.

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  • Posted by $ Flootus5 5 months, 4 weeks ago
    Here in Northern Nevada, we have watched the fire seasons just get more and more horrendous. In our case the terrorists are the federal bureaucrats purportedly managing "our" public lands. With 87% of the State of Nevada being public lands, and the federal government claiming to own these lands, the increasing eco-management over the last few decades has sought to remove all grazing, all mining, all recreation and designate everything possible as wilderness. As a result fuel loads are horrendous, burn hundreds of thousands of acres which then sprout as invasive species cheat grass, which then burn again all the hotter and larger. But get those farting cows off the range and shutdown a way of life that was free and independent.
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  • Posted by $ Solver 6 months ago
    I believe that the activists that are out there setting these kinds of fires feel they are doing it for the great good. On top of that, I also believe that the activists that are out there protesting the use of scientifically proven reductions of forest fire danger also feel they are doing it for the greater good. This is the mindset of the “morally superior.” This is scary.
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  • Posted by Stormi 5 months, 4 weeks ago
    Is common sense not wonderful. What a shame the UN and their minions have none.
    Growing up near Lincold County, NM, I learned early about how a forest should be maintained to prevent fires from spreading - clean the forest floor!
    In the 70s I read a lot about Australia, which usually included the big fires and winds which threatened sheep farmers, and what they faced. Then came the environmental do gooders, telling them lies.
    Finally, we hear the truth, they were providing fuel for the fires. Then add the climate change, as in Grand Solar Minimum, with it's droughts and winds, which have been causing crops to fail in Austrailia for a couple years now, and you have to address what you can, and face the truth about what you cannot. That is not what the UN and even US gov. is telling us, and thus they create victims.
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  • Posted by preimert1 5 months, 4 weeks ago
    A fireman will tell you that a fire requires fuel, an oxidizer and HEAT. Ignition can occur spontaneously with sufficient heat, a lit match will be extinguished if tossed into a bucket of cold gasoline. I've actually watched a piece of carbon in a bell jar filled with chlorine gas (oxidizer) spontaneously ignite when placed in direct sunlight.
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  • Posted by GaryL 5 months, 4 weeks ago
    I have to believe these fires both here in CA and in AU the fuel for the left. They will stop at nothing to promote their climate change hoax and over here to take out our President who they have hated from the day he entered politics. They consider loss of life as a worthy price to pay to promote their agenda and this is a sickness within our world.
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    • Posted by 5 months, 4 weeks ago
      It is true, the "fuel for the left." in Au certainly, they want large fires every 5 years, inevitable after the fuel build up .... to promote their agenda.
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  • Posted by Abaco 6 months ago
    On one of the tv screens on my office a few weeks ago they showed that coverage of the lady taking her shirt off and rescuing that koala that had suffered terrible burns. I'll admit...I wept when I saw it. But, the sadness I felt is almost eclipsed by the anger I feel for people who will kill and maim for their collectivist agenda. I am not surprised one bit by any of this. I've explained in a couple related conversations about all this since that collectivists, as evidenced in history, probably enjoy destruction and suffering. As Niche said, " gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" So, I try not to think about it. But...knowing is half the battle.

    I feel for the good people and critters of Australia...
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