Making America muslim: In their own words

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 9 months, 4 weeks ago to News
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Share your local experiences. (good and bad)

This is primarily a heads up. Have they been used by the C_A and the American left, the global deep state?
I'd say to the global left: Be careful what you wish for...this one is likely to bite you back.

We can see that this is happening, in many states and countries they congregate separately and abide not by local laws but by sharia law which is pretty much the exact opposite of the western world.
Paganism at it's worst.

ilhan omar a foreign agent?...maybe,

It wouldn't surprise me.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    Her daughter told her teachers at school, "I'm not American, I'm Muslim" and her teachers didn't understand.
    Perhaps American teachers need a tour of duty in the middle east, Pakistan, or Afghanistan. Don't let them return unless/until they prove they understand and will defend American culture against invasion.
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  • Posted by $ Snezzy 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    There is no way to do business with them successfully. No matter what happens, you lose. My wife and I provide entertainment for children, and we have no problem with any race or religion, except for a certain non-religion.

    They'll try to change the terms of the agreed contract and will even interfere with what we are doing to the point that they threaten their own children's safety. My wife is an authority on safety for our activities, but not with people who feel they don't have to listen to women.

    Every time, something goes wrong. Not once, not twice, but Every Single Time. Last time I did anything for them I hired a retired policeman to help me.
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  • Posted by $ AJAshinoff 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    This really isn't anything new or surprising. Long ago, well before Shadows Under Seashells, I wrote unpaid commentary on Human Events Online. My editor Jed Babbin released a novel entitled In the Words of our Enemies where they openly discussed their plans, this was 2007 or so. In our 20 second sound byte society these people, like the Russians and the Chinese, play the long game.
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  • Posted by j_IR1776wg 9 months, 4 weeks ago
    In case you are not sure of Islam's Sharia Laws
    Some examples:
    • Theft is punishable by amputation of the hands (Quran 5:38).

    • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.

    • Criticizing Muhammad or denying that he is a prophet is punishable by death.

    • Criticizing or denying Allah is punishable by death (see Allah moon god).

    See more here
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    • Posted by exceller 9 months, 4 weeks ago
      Yes, we have a good idea what Shari'a is about.

      Human life is cheap in Islam and easily wasted. No wonder they kill first and think after, if they think at all.

      "A woman or girl who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
      • Testimonies of 4 male witnesses are required to prove rape of a female (Quran 24:13).

      She is subject to "honor" killing by her father to "clean" the family of the crime, which of course is the woman's fault.

      • A woman or girl who alleges rape without producing 4 male witnesses is guilty of adultery.
      • A woman or girl found guilty of adultery is punishable by death (see "Islamophobia").
      • A male convicted of rape can have his conviction dismissed by marrying his victim.
      • Muslim men have sexual rights to any woman/girl not wearing the Hijab (see Taharrush).

      That is the reason Muslim migrants regularly rape white women in Europe. They are convinced it is their right. EU police is either covering up these atrocities, on the basis that "these men should be understood of being away from females for a long time since they migrated, or doing nothing to capture and punish them.

      • A woman can have 1 husband, who can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
      • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.

      Mohammed was a bandit and a thug. The entire nation of Islam is following in his footsteps.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    This is pretty insidious! These Muslims don't even consider themselves Americans which I find appalling. They want to force the rest of the population to become Muslim thereby losing our individuality. Basically turning America into Iran. Now, Iran is going through a civil upheaval I believe the Mullah is trying to do the same thing in Iran. A theocracy stifles individual creativity and creates a slave state society. People like the one in video is a terrorist and should be sent to Gitmo.
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  • Posted by Joseph23006 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    Even though this video is thirty years old it is still very timely and scary! The speaker is laying out the agenda for Muslims coming to the United States, it is not to become American, note: not to become part of the American melting pot by breaking with the past and adopting a new life as immigrants living the dream that they dreamt, but remain separate with their own rules and at the same time convert every nonbeliever to Islam. Most families I know of whose ancestors immigrated came to get away from something and create a new life. The side of my family that came from Ireland came because the textile industry there at the time was failing due to imports from other areas of the British Empire, from Germany it was because a soldier became tired of fighting in so many wars and wanted to raise a family away from all of that. I heard much the same from Italians, Poles, Slovaks etc., it was always the same: a better and different life.
    This is the first time I have heard of a group coming not for a different life but to impose their own on the entire country, this is not unlike how Islam overran the Christian Middle East prior to the Crusades, converting or eliminating all opposition, though today their methods may be more subtle. Plus they have the liberal left with its distain for religion, especially Christianity, enlisted in this scheme. Omar and Tlaib are merely the advance of the coming attractions!
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  • Posted by bsmith51 9 months, 3 weeks ago
    Besides algebra, what in history has been invented by Muslims to make life easier and the world a better place; which begs the question: by what right do Muslims enjoy the improved lifestyle created by inventions of the world's great non-Muslim thinkers, philosophers and inventors, even as they invite destruction on them?
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  • Posted by $ 9 months, 4 weeks ago
    This is an email sent to me but I haven't had the time to vet it out, however, it's probably correct.

    The first countries to ban Islam: See how the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.

    Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country and they cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have banned any worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.

    Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.

    The African nation of Angola and several other nations have officially banned Islam.

    Record number of Muslims, (over 2,000) deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. Prison Officials are reporting that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, courtrooms nearly empty, Police now free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offences to keep their roads and highways safe and assisting the public in as many ways as they can.

    In Germany alone in the last year there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques.

    Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.

    A Chinese court sends 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islam hatred. And have executed eighteen Jihadists; China campaigns against Separatism (disallowing Islamist to have their own separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government buildings and Schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim families prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.

    Muslim refugees beginning to realize that they are not welcome in Christian countries because of their violent ways and the continuing
    wars in Syria and Iraq whipped up by the hideous IS who are murdering young children and using mothers and daughters as sex slaves.

    The new British Home Secretary prepares to introduce 'Anti-social Behaviour Order' for extremists and strip dual nationals of their Citizenship.
    Deportation laws also being prepared.

    The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.

    Alabama - A new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of "foreign laws which would include Sharia law".

    The Polish Defence League issues a warning to Muslims. 16 States have all Introduced legislation to ban Sharia Law.

    Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The
    announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast, groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed teenage Muslim gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts and should be all gang raped, according to Islam and ''Sharia Law''.

    Even hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered Muslim patients, the majority were given the Band-Aid treatment and sent home
    with staff muttering ''Good Riddance''.

    North Carolina bans Islamic "Sharia Law" in the State, regarding it now as a criminal offence.

    Dutch MPs call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands. One member of the Dutch Parliament said: "We want to clean Netherlands of B Islam". Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, "All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees''.
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    • Posted by exceller 9 months, 4 weeks ago
      Good to see a synopsis of what is going on against the Islamic invasion, especially since the media will never cover it is true reality.

      Even Sweden, which is not covered in the article above, is witnessing an increasing resistance to their government's "welcoming" policies.

      Actually, the Democrats (dissimilar to Dems here) won a majority.
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  • Posted by exceller 9 months, 4 weeks ago
    Jeez...she is spelling the objective out, no two ways about it.

    "We have to be very calculated about it..."

    Really, woman?

    You will never convert me to your stupid religion and way of life.

    I see a few towelhead around where I live (stores like to hire them as checkers, proving their "inclusion" poilicies) and I avoid them in a large circle.

    Go home and leave us alone!
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