"Why Law-Abiding Citizens Buy Firearms"

Posted by $ allosaur 10 months ago to Politics
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Bet the words of Senior Legal Policy Analyst Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation fell on disapproving ears as she spoke common sense before the House Judiciary Committee with that sick and twisted Nadler in charge.
Me dino thought she was just wonderful.
SOURCE URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9AfhdKLNDA

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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 10 months ago
    Good testimony, with a command of facts. It is hypocritically ironic that the same politicians passionately decrying ownership of the "dangerous weapons of war" bizarrely show why ownership of such arms is necessary. When they declare they intend to deny us our rights identified in the Constitution, with extreme censorship, denial to practice religion, forbidding legal ownership of the means of self defense, illegal seizure of personal property, and other unconstitutional acts, they demonstrate their intent to install a tyrannical government over us. Defense against such a government was the intent of the 2nd amendment.

    Gun control is being approached just like the effort to stop opioid abuse: put more and more restrictions on the law abiding, rather than take on the tougher job of punishing the criminals. Lawful gun owners are being treated like criminals, and the criminals are not subject to existing laws that would make the penalty for gun use in the commission of a crime harsher. Doctors are treated like pushers, and pain sufferers are treated like addicts, while the pushers and addicts are ignored.

    Lawful gun owners should defy efforts to seize the elements of their defense. The example of New York state gun owners show promise. When the state declared the ownership of high capacity magazines to be illegal, and offered to buy those offending implements from the gun owning community, less than 5% complied. Equally encouraging was the preemptive statement from the NY law enforcement community that house to house searches for the offending magazines would not be lawful, and therefore would not be conducted.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 10 months ago
      Thank you for the fine commentary, Doc.

      I'm reminded of a discussion I saw on FOX news not too long ago involving high gun crime in Chicago in spite of the gun restrictions in the city. The Neo Communist on the panel (I think her name was Marsh - or Vladimir Posner in drag) insisted the problem was because outlying communities did not have such strict gun laws and Chicago people were going out of town to obtain firearms. I was thinking didn't she think it might be odd that the outlying communities with more lax gun laws are NOT having a gun problem? It never seemed to occur to her the problem was the people, not the guns.
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      • Posted by DrZarkov99 10 months ago
        The criminals don't have to leave Chicago to get guns. Their local "gun store" is out of a buddy's car trunk, selling a mix of stolen guns, "street" guns that have been in circulation for years, involved in one crime after another, and locally manufactured "ghost" guns.

        Your observation about why the communities with less strict gun laws have less crime match mine. It goes even further now, because statistics show that states that have "constitutional" carry (no license required) have seen a reduction in gun related crime.

        A well armed society is a polite society.
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    • Posted by $ 10 months ago
      Have 6 firearms. Can always bury 5 (of course in containers) in the woods behind my home and say I sold them (or what gun grabbers who may come knocking have a record of) before it was against the law. Can't recall who but think he was using an alias. Why an alias? Because of you gun grabbers, that's why. Why did I sell to him anyway? Needed the money.
      After they leave with my little .32 (the last gun I bought), I'll go dig up one of my 9mms or my 357 Magnum or maybe my shotgun.
      Hopefully, I'll never have to bury my guns in the first place.
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  • Posted by exceller 10 months ago
    She is wasting her time. The left is fully aware of all what she said but it goes in one ear and out on the other.

    I have an issue with the honorific "Distinguished Congress" as she started her presentation.

    Distinguished in what? Corruption, backstabbing, obfuscation, false accusations? The characters in Congress are basking in the rights earned over centuries due to hard work, but they are not living up to those rights. The sunk to the level of parasites of the worst kind: destroying the host (the citizens of the country) in the process.
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