This crazy guy is making sense on Magnetism/Gravity being unified...

Posted by CaptainKirk 10 months, 1 week ago to Science
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Okay, I have NOT watched this specific videos, but I have watched a bunch of his.

My Summary of what he says and Why I am listening.
First, he claims light doesn't have a speed and is not made up of Photons, that this is our Kindergarten Understanding.
(He is arrogant as hell, but he has some points)...

Second, he refers to the speed of light as the rate of induction of a field through a medium. AND THAT makes more sense.
Here's why. When light goes through space: 186,000 MPS... But when it goes through Glass, it slows down, it bends.
(Same in water). But, when it passes through this, it speeds back up... UH OH. What happened to conservation of momentum?
My understanding of Physics says that once you slow something down, you have to exert a force to speed it up. It had to accelerate OUT of the glass... Now his theory makes sense to me.

So, he makes 2 other key statements that has me listening...
1) A Laser is Coherent Light! (Absolutely true, normal science defines it this way)
2) A Magnetic Field is Coherent Gravity (Interesting Concept) [The basis of a black hole is probably super-coherent gravity]

(Now it takes 10-20 videos to get to this summary. He really sucks at summarizing. It's like taking an Electronic Circuit class from the guy who designed the first transistor. It's insanely complex, until someone explains it using vacuum tubes in old cars, and then explains the Doping and "Transient Resistor" portion of a Transistor (A voltage potential applied to the third leg, dopes the material and drives the resistance either higher or low, either opening the connection or closing it))

So, in reverse. What we think of as Gravity is INCOHERENT magnetism. Because our cells do not align nicely with the field, we feel gravity as gravity (a much weaker force than a steel bar feels magnetism).

To me, this starts to feel like it makes sense. A magnet doesn't create a force... Per se. It is kinda like a SAIL on a sailboat. It is directing it! And because it does it in a very COHERENT manner, we get a kinda vortex happening... Very very interesting stuff...

Be interested in what many of you geeks here think!


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  • Posted by ewv 10 months, 1 week ago
    Light does have a speed, which depends on the medium through which it passes. But the momentum of light does not depend on its velocity and a photon -- the quantum of light -- has no mass. Its momentum is p = h/wavelength where h is Planck's constant. The change in speed through different media does not change the momentum. There is, however, a radiation pressure through which light slightly pushes on an object.

    If you want to understand basic physics you should look at reputable physics texts to understand the concepts, principles, and experiments on which they are based. Forget about the youtube videos pushing alt-science. They are mostly crackpots. You can, however, find some good on-line course videos on physics from reputable sources like Standford, MIT and Harvard, which have major programs for online education.
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    • Posted by 10 months, 1 week ago
      And this guy could be a crackpot.

      My Computer Science degree came through the college of engineering. I had to pass calculus based physics, albeit DECADES ago.
      If there is Pressure, then that's a force.

      Again, my understanding of the basics. momentum = Mass X Velocity(Speed) if the mass = 0 then there is no momentum.
      Acceleration is the instantaneous change in velocity. If velocity increased than it accelerated, which requires a force.

      But what stunned me was the concept of Magnetism being a Coherent form of gravity, like laser being a coherent form of light.
      Put those together, and it starts to unify gravity as an EM field, just incoherent (so very weak, by comparison).

      Thanks for the response. I don't like the way this guy presents himself, that's for sure. But I feel like there is something in there...
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      • Posted by ewv 10 months, 1 week ago
        Yes, radiation pressure means there is a force. But conservation of momentum as p=mv comes from mechanics only. Here we are talking about electromagnetic waves and a new concept of electromagnet momentum.
        Conservation of momentum applied to a combination of particles and electromagnetic waves requires the additional concept of the electromagnet momentum g=U/c, where U is the energy absorbed when a wave strikes an object (but is not reflected). That expanded conservation law comes from the inherent association between electric and magnetic waves, with energy transported at the phase velocity of the wave, encapsulated in the concept of the Poynting vector S=E X H. g=U/c is explained most simply in the basic physics text Feynman's Lectures on Physics employing the Lorentz force F=qvB on a charge.

        To apply conservation of momentum to photons, the electromagnetic momentum for a photon must additionally be identified. Photons fall under quantum mechanics with the famous E=hv (v=the Greek "nu", the frequency), which you may or may not have encountered in your basic physics course with or without some minimal explanation.

        Combining this with electromagnetic momentum gives p=g=E/c=hv/c=h/lamda.

        That is why you can't just apply 'momentum' as p=mv to a photon with m=0: That would be using 'momentum' as a floating abstraction divorced from its meaning in reality. You have to look at the facts which give rise to the concepts and create a new subdivision of the abstraction "momentum" that applies to electromagnetic waves and to the waves in the form of photons as the quantized wave. Photons do not come under Newton's laws without new concepts and mathematical formulations..

        Magnetic and electrical waves always come together as one electromagnetic wave and are not gravity.
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