For Gulch Music Aficionados - Gulch Member Now Producing Ten Octave Audio Stereo Pre-amplifiers - Upgrade Your Home Stereo Today

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Ten Octave Audio is a shared dream of the founders who are audio enthusiasts, electronics researchers, and music lovers.
We have had the pleasure of listening to audio gear over the decades manufactured by the great innovators of the audio business, and since our high school days have aspired to creating high quality, good value audio gear.

Our goal is to produce audio products that are of the highest quality, USA built to deliver great sound for decades in the future at prices that are good value to music lovers like you.

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  • Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 1 month ago
    15Hz! to 20Hz? if you could go down another 7.2Hz and you could reproduce the Shuman Resonance!!!

    Wish I could afford right now. but got the site in my favorites "Just in Case"...
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