Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather, by Robert Gore (Straight Line Logic)

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From the description of my latest literary work:

Three hours spent watching the iconic Godfather films will teach you more about business than any lecture on Industrial Strategies, while the novel itself offers more insight into running an organization than entire libraries of books on management.

Within Mario Puzo's landmark epic and The Godfather Films are a treasury of lessons not found in business books or MBA programs. These include:

Why Don Vito Corleone was a great executive.

The assets you must never trade away.

Why it's good to be underestimated.

The Businessman’s deadliest sin.

The most corrupt and most powerful organized crime family is probably not who you think.

The best degree for a business career isn’t an MBA.

The most important choice you’ll ever make.

Big trades and anti-big trades.

Most people never get rich and why you may not want to.

Pulling no punches, this book takes shots at government, business, Hollywood, academia, the media and contemporary culture based upon the author's own experiences as a bond trader, financial executive, lawyer, writer, and technology startup investor and executive.

If I can prevent one person from attending business school, my work here is done.

The Godfather Novel and Movies have received their due as classics of literature and cinema but until now they haven’t been credited as a uniquely superior source of instruction and inspiration for both career and life. If you’re considering business school this book could save you two years and over $100,000. If you attended business school then condolences are in order but—MBA notwithstanding—anyone who’s pursued a career in business will be nodding in agreement with wisdom that—until this book—was only learned and earned the hard way.

Now available as a paperback or Kindle Ebook. Take a look, the link is to the Straight Line Logic book announcement, which has a sample chapter and links to the Amazon listings.
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