French High School Students Will Learn about Bitcoin and Crypto

Posted by Pecuniology 9 months ago to Education
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"In June, the French Ministry of National Education amended its study plan to incorporate the world’s largest cryptocurrency. French educators are expected to teach an introductory course that will assist students in understanding the impact Bitcoin has on the French and global economies."

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  • Posted by $ AMeador1 9 months ago
    I would be curious to know more about how it is being taught - pro/against? I know you said you had a project related to digital currencies, and I'm interested in knowing more.

    I run a small mining farm myself - compared to the big guys - I'm an ant - but I am running 12 ASIC miners - 8 SHA256 and 4 Scrypt.

    I think the digital currencies have the potential to be huge - but they really need to deal with it differently for tax purposes. That is my biggest nightmare - dealing with the tax side of running these. FIFO inventory accounting - unless over 1 year held - then it's capital gains. The average person is not going to be able to do this kinds of tracking and make it a useful currency substitute. And I the world governments are not interested in the becoming that - unless they can control it.

    The implications are awesome though. Thus - I am running miners. :)
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