Their Virtue Was Selfishness

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You see, commander, our babies are in that tower. Do you understand this, master? We do not want any harm to happen to them. I took advantage of the truce to go up on the plateau, and I saw them through a window. I swear a thousand times by all that is holy that I, Sergeant Radoub, that I will do something desperate. And this is what all the battalion say: ‘We want the children saved, or we want to be all killed. This is our right, yes, to be all killed.

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  • Posted by $ 1 year ago
    "Its important to emphasize that Radoub’s battalion had no use for the arbitrary self-sacrifice required by collectivism; it was about their freely chosen values. Their virtue was selfishness. The novel’s philosophy is about the humane values of individualism that transcend tradition and duty to hierarchy."
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    • Posted by $ Commander 12 months ago
      Yes.....and this is part of what was missing from The Objectivist's Ethics.
      The purpose of life is continuity. All life processes energy and procreates for continuity. All life Knows It ends...or no procreation would be necessary.

      I was deep in the Rockies when you posted....glad I took a look back today.
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