Gen Flynn set them up, Biden’s bloody eye

Posted by $ Dobrien 5 months, 3 weeks ago to History
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D5 avalanche.
Nothing can stop this.
We have it all.

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  • Posted by GaryL 5 months, 3 weeks ago
    The key takeaway here is "Running out the clock".
    All of these scofflaws are highly dependent on the Dumbocraps winning in 2020 and burying these investigations with the rest of the Klinton bodies. It is hard to say what AG Horowitz is sitting on and why he is sitting. There is another investigator, Huber we have heard nothing from and now that AG Barr has appointed Durham things could and should start falling into place. I have my popcorn and adult beverages in storage just waiting for the clock to tick but something is telling me the timing is what this is all about. It has been said the American public has a very short attention span and this has been proven time and again. We are now 14 months out from the 2020 election and I will venture a guess that by around July 2020 the SHTF just in time. The ensuing "Perp Walks" must be done at just the right time so keep your powder dry.
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