Win for private property: EPA, Army finalize repeal of controversial 'Waters of the U.S.' rules

Posted by freedomforall 10 months ago to Government
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Today, EPA and the Department of the Army will finalize a rule to repeal the previous administration’s overreach in the federal regulation of waters and wetlands. This action officially ends an egregious power grab and sets the stage for a new rule that will provide much-needed regulatory certainty for farmers, home builders, and property owners nationwide.

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  • Posted by ewv 10 months ago
    The battle is far from over. There have been court cases over "wetlands" as land use prohibition controls, including in the Supreme Court, for decades. Many states are exempt from EPA enforcement of the rules because they have agreed to impose even more onerous rules. Innocent landowners have gone to prison over this issue. And all that has been under EPA rules prior to the Obama expansion.

    Democrats, and some Republicans, appoint viro activists to run Federal and state agencies that continue to make this worse. The latest reversal in wetland agency regulations (while Congress does nothing) is an improvement over Obama, but only a temporary backlash in a downward national trend.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 10 months ago
    Wonder if any of those commie clowns running for Jackass Party president will take issue with this racist slight against Obooboo's legacy.
    Oh, wait, during debates those commie clowns have already done as much themselves for stealth socialist Obooboo not being commie enough.
    Never mind.
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